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Fine Hair Holiday Easy Updo How To

NYCK Fine Hair Holiday Updo

Fine Hair Holiday Updo How To

With the Holidays right around the corner it's time to ponder some easy Holiday Hair updos designed to work for fine or thin hair.

The hairstyle below is simple, easy and works best on hair, which is naturally straight or with a slight natural wave, is shoulder-length or longer and is fine to medium in thickness.

Getting Started

The beauty of this updo is that it can be created on naturally straight hair after it's newly washed and still damp.  Or it can be created on aged hair which has been flat ironed and prepped with a styling cream, serum or similar.

The key is to have hair which will either dry straight or is straightened and prepped with a styling cream.

Step By Step Instructions

1.  Using your fingers or a 100% boar bristle brush direct all of your hair up and away from your face.  Direct hair towards a high ponytail with a base positioned at or in front of the crown.  If you prefer you can create a fringe with this style although it looks more dramatic without a fringe or obvious part.

Tartina Tarantino Hair Flower

2.  Capture the pony in a hair-friendly Blax, Bungee or similar elastic in the same color as your hair.  Make sure pony base is tightly secured.

3.  Use fingers and pull tail up and wrap around the base.  Mold hair into a sleek twist or updo.  Arrange the shape as shown in the photo.  Once you have achieved the design of your choice, pin in place with bobby pins the same color as your hair.

4.  Spray with a light hold spray.

5.  Add a shimmering crystal encrusted bobby pin or instantly change the look and feel of the updo with a more elaborate hair accessory such as a stunning flower, skinny jewel encrusted headband nestled near the hairline or a hair clip positioned along the side of your face.

For a more festive updo pin a few brilliantly hued hair extension pieces into your hair before creating the updo so that your twist has peek-a-boo colored strands.

Have fun.  This updo is very easy to do and works great on fine, thin hair which is straight.  When you sweep your hair up you create instant drama and flair for any Holiday event from Thanksgiving with the fam to a special party.

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