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Kris Jenner Tells Jenna Wolfe She Was Shocked By Kim Divorce

Kimberly Kardashian

Kris Jenner Tells Jenna Wolfe She Was Shocked By Kim Divorce

On the Weekend edition of NBC's Today show Jenna Wolfe interviewed Kris Jenner about her new book Kris Jenner And All Things Kardashian.

Although Jenna started the interview talking about Kris coining the term Momanager because she's both Mom and Manager to her children and the reality empire they built under the brand Kardashian.

Jenna greeted Kris "Good morning Kris, thanks for being here."  Kris smiled and said "Good morning, it's good to be here." Jenna said "I don't know if it's good luck or bad luck that you came (on the Today Show) the same week as your daughter (Kim) announced that she's filing for divorce.  So I'd be remiss if I didn't start there.  How's she doing?  How's Kim doing?"

Kris said "You know, she's trying to hold up.  She's really sad and very devastated about having to make a decision like that as anybody would be."

Jenna "You're her mother, you're also her manager.  You know everything about your daughter.  Soup to nuts.  How surprised were you at this?"

Kris Said She Was Shocked

Kris Jenner

Kris "Shocked.  I was very surprised.  Really, really shocked."  Jenna seemed not to believe Kris.  She said "really really shocked?"  Jenna countinued "So what happened?  72 days.  We all watched a lot of the relationship unfold in a good way on camera so what went wrong so quickly?"

Kris said "Well I think that's for Kim to explain.  You know I'm not here to be her personal, you know, voice cause I  don't really know, to be honest with you.  I mean obviously she had .. She told me she'd prayed about it and thought about it and gave it a lot of consideration and had to make a difficult decision and she did what she had to do."

Does Kris Understand The Backlash?

Jenna "Can you understand the backlash that's coming as a result of all of this?  What they're saying.  Maybe it's a scam, maybe the whole thing's just one big joke?  You have to understand at least where that comes from?"

Kris "Yeah, it comes from irresponsible people who are like writing silly things on the cover of the New York Post and things like that. That's where it comes from.  I mean the fans have been more than generous and loving and supportive with an outpouring of love for Kim which is really getting her through.  But I think when people write things that are totally untrue and just outright lies and printing it so that people.  You know people believe sometimes that if it's written down and it's printed that it's the truth."

The Kardashians Are Fair Game

Kris Jenner And Kim Kardashian

Jenna "You know, you do this reality show.  Cameras are there all the time."  Kris "Uh huh.  Yes."   Jenna "You have to understand that you guys are pretty much fair game.  For the good and the bad."

Kris "We're an open book.  Yes."  Jenna "And you're OK with that?"  Kris "You know, you have to take the good with the bad.  Of course we knew what we were signing up for.  You know, I'm not an idiot.  I know that if you're going to put your family out there, and we live life very truthfully."

Why Did Kris Write The Book Now?

Jenna "Let's keep with that private life.  Now you've written a book and a lot of that private life is sorta spelled out there for everyone.  Why write it now?"

Kris "Over the past five or six years we've gotten, I've gotten thousands of emails and letters and just asking all the questions about our lives, and people are very curious and I thought that this would be a great time to write a memoir and address all those questions so that in interviews like this I'm not answering those same questions about where I came from or my life story."

Kris Jenner's Close Friendship With Nicole Simpson

Jenna "One of the things I was most surprised by in reading this book was your relationship and how close you were with OJ and Nicole Simpson."

Kris Jenner

Kris "She was one of my dear friends.  She and I, you know, shared a lot of really amazing times.  And the birth of our kids and you know I'm close with her mom and her sisters.  She's an amazing...she was an amazing friend and a remarkable mother."

Jenna "How much of a rift did it cause in your family that Robert (Kardashian her husband) was part of this defense team representing OJ Simpson?"

Kris "Right.  Well it was extremely confusing for our kids.  You know, to have one parent more or less on one side and another parent on another.  So that was tough and it was really challenging for my relationship with Robert Kardashian."

Today Show Halloween Tribute To Kardashians

Jenna "I have to end the interview with our Halloween spoof."  Kris "Oh my god."  Jenna "We tried very hard to do right by the Kardashians this past Halloween Sunday.  You watched it?"  Kris "I did, you were the best Khloe."  Jenna "Take a look (at the film). Did we do good by you?"  Kris "Bruce did.  I want that wig for Bruce."  Jenna "Did that look like your husband?"

Kris Jenner

Jenna "And there you are."  Kris "Selling my stuff.  Yeah, you nailed me."  Jenna "There's Baby Mason."  Kris "Oh my god, look at your guys."

Kris "You nailed the outfits, the mannerisms, with the hair, the shoes."  Jenna "And there's Kim."  Kris "And there's Kim."  Jenna "We rehearsed and rehearsed and rehearsed. They were sticklers for us to get this right.  Stickers!"

Kris "This is how good you were.  The next time we need to be two places at the same time.  I'm going to call you." Jenna "Yes! Yes!  Awesome.  I love it.  So we passed?"  Kris "You with an As.  You got 10s, 10s."

Jenna "We're never going to do another Halloween thing.  We're done."  Kris "You nailed it."

Jenna "Kris Jenner, thank you for sharing your time and your stories with us.  We wish Kim obviously the best as well."

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