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Barber Shaves Word Fool Into Hair Of Disadvantaged Customer

Barber Shaves Word Fool Into Hair Of Disadvantaged Customer

Andis Clipper

The Daily Mail reported today that a barber, who had previously worked as a support worker in a care home and had no qualifications in hairdressing shaved the word "fool" into the hair of a customer on February 11th, who was disadvantaged with learning difficulties.

Michael Campbell, 35, had only worked at the Jam Cut salon in Stapleton Road three weeks before shaving the word 'fool' in the back of the head of customer's Michael Ricketts' head in inch-high letters that included a smiley face under each 'o'. Campbell charged Ricketts £7 for the trim.

Ricketts' was thrilled which is new haircut and did not realize what had been written on the back of his head.

He 'excitedly' and 'happily' told friends about his new hairstyle. Horrified members of the congregation at Ricketts' church as well as support workers at his day center noticed the word 'fool'.

They could not believe that Campbell had taken advantage of the vulnerable adult.

Andis Trimmer

The law agreed and charged Campbell with assault. In his defense Campbell claimed he shaved the word 'cool' and not 'fool' on the back of his victim's head. Campbell, from Hartcliffe, Bristol, still works in the salon on Stapleton Road in the city.

Magistrate Richard Barry sentenced Campbell to an 18 month, 200 hour community order, a three month curfew between 7pm and 7am and a requirement to wear an electronic tag during the three month curfew period. He said: 'You have been found guilty of assault on an individual known to have learning difficulties.' Campbell was ordered at Bristol Magistrates' Court to pay £775 costs and £300 compensation to Mr. Ricketts.

Mike Collins, the prosecutor of the case read a statement in court from his brother Steve Fairweather about the trauma caused to Mr. Ricketts' family including his elderly mother. It read: 'He (Campbell) took advantage of him due to his learning disability. It was callous, cruel and damaging to him. 'I have known the hairdresser for many years and trusted him. 'My brother was wronged in a very cruel way.'

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