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Celebrity Mommyrexia

Rachel Zoe And Skyler

The word on the street is that Jessica Simpson is scheduled to announce her pregnancy on the cover of OK Magazine on the issue that will hit the news stands in a few days.

Supposedly Simpson told OK that now that's she pregnant "I can eat anything I want and no one will care. It's just sort of a rule with pregnant women."

Indulging in cravings may work in some circles but it doesn't work very well in New York, Los Angeles or other celebrity circles.

A new trend in celebrity, high fashion and moneyed circles is to stay pin thin while pregnant.  Even more pressure is on new moms to lose the pregnancy weight in the blink of an eye.  Or at least to give that impression with the help of pregnancy Spanx or special post-birth girdles.

Recently Beyonce was the target of rampant rumors that her growing baby bump was staged or fake.  There have always been whispers in Hollywood that some famous celebrities fake a bump through nine months of pregnancy while a secret surrogate is hidden somewhere having a baby for them. 

Pregnant Rachel Zoe

The goal?  To prevent damage to the carefully controlled celebrity body weight.  Is this really true or just a Hollywood myth?  Hard to really say because when it comes to Hollywood, anything goes.

Celebrity mommyrexia really does exist.  The New York Post did a story in June of 2011 about Mommyrexia in Manhatten.

Not only is mommyrexia a real condition, it's growing rapidly due to a number of factors ranging from family and peer pressure to the constant media coverage of pin thin pregnant celebrities such as Victoria Beckham, Rachel Zoe and even Ivanka Trump.

Nutritionists and medical professionals are alarmed by this need to minimize weight gain during pregnancy.

The lack of healthy weight gain during pregnancy and extreme weight-loss immediately after pregnancy sends a very dangerous message to young women out in the real world who sometimes believe that celebrities have all the answers to living a fabulous life.

The celebrity trend of gaining a the absolute smallest amount of weight during pregnancy has led to a similar psychosis amongst non-celeb pregnant women.  Dubbed by the New York post as mommyrexics, they are considered a different breed of new mommies  pressuring themselves to bounce back to fighting weight literally days after having their babies.

Torturing their bodies by squeezing into maternity Spanx isn't the only way the mommyrexics push themselves.  They starve, exercise and lift weights during pregnancy to make sure they don't gain a single unnecessary ounce.  Even if it kills them and harms their babies in the process.

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