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Katy Perry Loved Super Frizzy Curly Hair

Pop icon Katy Perry has become almost as famous for changing her hair style, length and color as she has for her famous marriage to comedian Russell Brand.

Katy has worn her hair raven black, vibrant blue, blonde, ginger and most recently a carefully planned purple.  She's also worn an array of hairstyles from short bobs to longer waves and curls.

There's no denying the singer has legions of adoring fans who love her music, her videos and her performances - both live and taped.

She is also the darling of the fashionistas, the Red Carpet papparrazzi as well as being the face and hair of ghd.

Face of GHD

The 26 year old superstar was first  introduced as the face of ghd earlier in 2011.  For her second ghd photo shoot, she stepped up for acclaimed photographer David LaChapelle.

There's no question that ghd spared no expense to showcase their ghd Scarlet campaign which featured the beauty in a Snow White-inspired shoot highlighting  two art deco hair styling irons just in time for Christmas.

Katy's Snow White shoot was her second for the brand and went back far into time.

It extended back to the magical era of the twenties.  In the past the singer has expressed her love of the fifties and sixties, but she emerged from her 1920s ghd makeover looking amazing.

Evil Queen And Snow White

Playing both the roles of the Evil Queen and Snow White, the 26-year-old posed for the shoot in a New York hotel room on a fire escape against the backdrop of the city's iconic Chrysler building.

As the villainous, narcissistic queen, Katy's vamped it up in a revealing black dress, fingerless gloves and lacy hold-up stockings while glancing longingly at a juicy red apple.

When posing as Snow White the not so innocent Katy's showcased the famous character in a peach fringed flapper girl John Galliano dress while hanging off a fire escape surrounded by blue birds.

Curled Bob For Evil Queen

The singer admitted she loved her curled bob for the Evil Queen part of the shoot.  She said "I think it’s a bold look for me, especially for the short hair, but I’ve actually had a pixie cut before. I used to have a black pixie cut when I was about 17-18-19 so I felt I was reliving that part of my life again."

She also said about the curly bob "It’s really cute. I’d probably wear this look again, but I probably wouldn’t do it for long."

Frizzy Snow White Hair

And she liked the longer Snow White look too.  She said "The Show White fire escape look was really cool. It was very peachy."

She explained 'There were lots of little birds hanging around so I felt like a princess, like Snow White, and I was singing and talking to the birds as they fluttered around me. I would maybe wear something like this again. I liked the glittering fishnets I got to wear with it. I liked the hair – it’s super frizzy."

For more information about ghd's Scarlet campaign visit

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