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Katy Perry Superbowl Hair

Katy Perry Superbowl Hair

KatyPerry-8_350h Superstar Katy Perry wearing her iconic raven hued hair in her trademark high & tight ponytail - - All Right Reserved

The super talented pop star brought her iconic-blend of flirty fun and sexiness with signature Katy Perry Superbowl hair to the Halftime Show in front of an estimated 113 million viewers.

Her signature raven hued brunette strands were pulled up and off her stunning face into a super high and tight shiny ponytail by hairstylist Clyde Haygood.

The ponytail was wrapped at the base with gleamming raven black accent hair.  Katy's pony cascaded down her back ending in loose bouncy curls which constrasted against the tightly pulled hairline.

Red Lips, Cat Eyes And Silver Eyeliner

Celebrity Makeup Artist Jake Bailey created Katy’s flawless face using Coty's products on the famous Covergirl.  Her lips showcased a stunning red while her cat eyes were lined with a silver glitter.

Making an eye popping, mouth dropping appearance into the Superbowl stadium riding at the top of a monstrous animatronic lion.  Her short sexy dress was adorned with flames to create the look of fire.

SuperBowl 2015 - - All Rights Reserved SuperBowl 2015 - - All Rights Reserved

Of course riding on the lion was required to showcase her famous Roar.

From the magnificent Roar she easily transitioned into 2014's Dark Horse with a 3D rendering on the Super Bowl field which turned the football field turn into an array of sizes and shapes.

Morphing Signature Ponytail

Although Katy's pony appeared to morph throughout her performance with slight sculpting, rearranging and embellishing, her hair remained pulled up and off her beautiful face.

It was amazing how it appeared as if every hair remained perfectly coiffed into place even through her vigorous dancing.

Special Guest Missy Elliot

Even Katy's supersecret guest star, rapper Missy Elliot, made a hair statement.

Superbowl - 2015 - - All Rights Reserved Superbowl - 2015 - - All Rights Reserved

Missy's hair was worn extremely long and straight which flipped along to her dance moves on the stage.

Half Time Hair Show

Although Katy was surrounded at various times by dancing sharks, fake palm trees and wild animals, nothing detracted from her stunning array of costumers, her thick shiny sexy ponytail or her picture perfect make-up.

Even the appearance of Lenny Kravitz and Missy Elliot didn't take an ounce of excitement away from Katy as the main event.

Summary Katy Perry Superbowl Hair

Even though Katy Perry had several wardrobe changes, her hair looked stunning and completely polished.

The high and tight ponytail she rocked throughout the entire performance was a perfect hair selection which worked in perfect harmony with all of her various costumes, remained pulled up and out of her face and didn't distract in any way.

As always Katy was spectacular and didn't disappoint.

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