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Chris Colfer Doesn't Expert To Win Emmy

Glee's Chris Colfer tends to be an early bird on the Red Carpets.  This year is no exception.  He was the first interview that Ryan Seacrest snagged as the Red Carpet show began.

The 21 year old Glee star is nominated for his 2nd Emmy Award and already has a Golden Globe Award under his belt.  He was also named one of Time magazine's 100 most influential people in 2011 and is working on his first book, a kids novel called The Land of Stories.

He is also making his movie debut alongside Christina Hendricks and Allison Janney in the film Struck by Lightning, which he wrote the screenplay for.   After the upcoming season his character will be graduating from McKinley High but Colfer isn't worried about leaving Glee behind.

As far as his Emmy nomination, the young actor told Ryan "I have not put much thought into it (if they call my name) because I really don't think I'll going to win tonight,  but I'm really thankful to be here and to be nominated."  He paused "that was a political answer, wasn't it?"

Ryan asked Colfer if he could spill any beans on what to expect in the new season premiere of Glee.  Colfer said that Ryan would have to wait for Ryan Murphy because "he's very good at spilling information that we're not allowed to say.  So ask him, question him, put him through the ringer.  But no, it's been a really fun season so far.

Ryan asked "how is this season different than previous seasons?"  Colfer said "it reminds me a lot of Season One actually.  The storylines and lots of character development."

Colfer also confirmed that he had been hospitalized five times due to a Glee related injury. He explained that the fifth time he went directly "straight from the Glee set to the hospital."  He said it was his fault because he was doing exotic dancing and hurt his foot.

As far as being star struck on the set of Glee Colfer said he was struck by Kathy Griffin, Carol Burnett and Gwyneth (Paltrow).  He said "when she came (on the show) she was so amazing."  He said about Ms. Paltrow "she's so cool and I was just a babbling idiot."

Colfer also told the media that he did not write a speech just in case he does win his second Emmy.  In fact, when he won the Golden Globes he also didn't have anything prepared because he was "honestly shocked" and he could barely even "form word."

Of course for Colfer winning the Golden Globes was "such an adrenaline rush" and it "feels like you're going on a thousand roller coasters all at once."

Colfer's date for the 2011 Emmy Awards?  His grandmother.  Last year "I took my mom last year and I took my best friend Ashley Fink to the Golden Globes. I think it'll be fun and she's never been to anything like that." Awwwww.

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