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Big Brother Kahlia Booker Hair Stories

If you've been to my blog before you know that I'm a Big Brother (BB) fanatic.  I've watched every single episode for every single season since the very beginning.

Not only do I watch and tape the live shows on CBS so I can watch them multiple times, I subscribe to the 24 hour live feeds, watch Showtime After Dark and have Big Brother private viewing parties.  I also have Big Brother on demans.

It's  fair to say that there isn't a single television show - reality or not - that I watch with such crazed frenzy as Big Brother.

Combine my love of Big Brother with hair and sometimes my friends and family think I need a professional intervention.    Which brings me to one of Big Brother's most recently evicted house guests, Kahlia Booker.

Whether you watch Big Brother or not, Kahlia definitely is noteworthy for her hair.

If you're a Big Brother fan and have watched Kahlia in the current Season 13, you may already know why her hair is so interesting to me.

Forget about her BB strategic game.  The point of this blog is not how well she played the game (or didn't depending upon your opinion).   The point is that whether you loved her or hated her it can't be denied that she had a Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde hair personality.

Although all the official CBS photos of Kahlia show her with stick straight, shine infused raven black hair, the 24 hour feeds and Showtime After Dark showed a completely different side of the professional writer.

Kahlia's hair, behind the scenes, is thick and naturally textured.  When Kahlia was shown hanging out with Daniele (Dani) in the Head of Household (HOH) room or talking game with Adam or Porsche her hair was big, bold and all natural.

The difference in her hair was dramatic, to say the least.  To be honest, I actually liked Kahlia's hair all natural even a little bit more than when it was perfectly flat ironed into a sleek cascading cap of silken strands.

When she wore her hair full of natural curls and coils it offered a different view of the already intriguing insight into the BB HouseGuest.

Lawon's Hair

During one of the Showtime After Dark episodes Kahlia was talking to BB HouseGuest Lawon who wore a traditional small all natural fro hairstyle  which was styled close to his head.

Kahlia suggested her formal partner (during the doubles twist) shave his head so that they wouldn't continue to find his little hair all over the house.

Lawon rejected the suggestion explaining he wasn't sure he would like how he looked without hair although he did appear a few times in the house wearing a big Afro wig, which was hysterical.

Cutting Rachel's Hair

At one point Kahlia was shown giving Big Brother HouseGuest Rachel Reilly a hair cut.  Although the two had battled throughout the season, Rachel trusted Kahlia enough to take a scissors to her tresses.

Afterwards a famously sarcastic Daniele Donato told Kahlia she should give Rachel a hair cut like Brendon's with a little bald spot.

Time With The Flat Iron

Kahlia was also shown at various times throughout her stay at the Big Brother house busy at work in the communal bathroom flat ironing her tresses until they were absolute perfection.

Indeed, after Kahlia did the time with her hot iron her hair looked bone straight, shiny and without a kink or curl anywhere.


The Kahlia we saw behind the scenes rocked all natural tresses which showcased her natural curls, coils and waves.

With her hair straightened Kahlia looked glam and put together but it was nice to see her relax and let her hair down for the Big Brother fans.

Even though Kahlia was recently evicted her hair was interesting to watch.

Which way did you like Kahlia's hair best?  Bone straight and sleek, or all natural and embellished with natural curls, kinks and coils?

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Big Brother Kahlia Booker Hair Stories

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