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Big Brother's Shelly Moore Victim Of Death Threats Over Jeff Schroeder Eviction

Big Brother's Shelly Moore Victim Of Death Threats Over Jeff Schroeder Eviction

The media has been reporting today that Big Brother house guest Shelly Moore and her family are receiving death threats over her back stabbing vote to evict Jeff Schroeder from the BB house last week.

I'm not surprised at all.  Not even a little bit.  I can only imagine the choice words fans of Jeff Schroeder have called Shelly Moore.  I think death threats are inappropriate and wrong, but Shelly Moore will probably go down in Big Brother history as the most hated house guest for her actions against Jeff.

While it's unfortunate that some BB fans have gone too far in their rage against Shelly Moore for her action, I know some of the fans are more obsessed than even the most obsessed sports fans.

Big Brother producer Allison Grodner who has made very brief appearances at various times on the BB set should be filming me and my friends as we watch Big Brother, Big Brother After Dark on Showtime and Big Brother Live Feeds.  She would understand how fans react to this show.

We literally go nuts while watching all the variations of this show.  Don't ask me why.  It can't be explained unless you are a super fan like me and my friends.

Allison is a reality TV genius. She should also win all possible reality TV awards for her amazingly addictive show.  Seriously, who does it better than Allison in the reality TV world?

I swear to you, I don't act this crazy about anything else in my life.  Not when I'm watching the Dallas Cowboys (my team) or when the Mavericks are on.

I'm a huge fan of Mark Cuban (I have a friend who's known him for years), but I don't even react to him.  Nor do I go crazy over any of the Bravo housewives. Not even the ones in Beverly Hills, and I know some of their hairdressers.

Big Brother Love

Why am I so crazed about Big Brother?

I've been watching Big Brother on CBS from the very first show.  Even though I've been a rapid fan, my love for the show escalated into overdrive when Jeff Schroeder and the sweet adorable Jordan Lloyd, entered the Big Brother house two years ago.

I cried angrily when Jeff was evicted two years, but felt vindicated when sweet little Jordan won and the heinous Natalie didn't.

I followed Jeff and Jordan when they showed up last season on The Amazing Race, which I never watched before their appearance.  When they lost their quest I stopped watching the show.

I also followed Jeff's travels around the world.  Even though I didn't really care about that show either, but I care about Jeff and Jordan.

Big Brother House Guest Shelly Moore Has Zero Moral Compass

When Big Brother house guest Shelly Moore, who has proven to have zero moral compass, back stabbed sweet little Jordan and Jeff by turning on him last week, I was furious.  I was screaming at my TV even though I rarely scream at anyone about anything.

She even admitted in the diary room that she was lying and back stabbing Jeff and Jordan.

Several of the fans that I've seen online swear that if they ever find out the exact company Shelly Moore works for they will boycott the company.  Will they really?  Who knows.  It's definitely an extreme reaction.

Would those same fans make death threats to Shelly's child or her family? None that I know of, but I can't speak for the millions of fans around the world who were enraged by Shelly's actions.

It's unfortunate that her family has received death threats since they have nothing to do with what a scumbag Shelly has turned out to be on the show.  In fact, if truth be told, they may even be shocked and saddened at her slimy on-air behavior.

Kind Hearted Jordan Made The Ultimate Sacrifice For Shelly Moore

Recently a kind-hearted Jordan sacrificed a call home to her family so that Shelly could have the call.  Jordan also wore a crazy propeller topped leotard with a tutu for a week for Shelly.

Meanwhile Shelly sat out in the backyard chain smoking and trash talking Jeff, Jordan and Rachel who were her original alliance. Jeff, Jordan, Rachel and Brendon had Shelly's back.  And how did she repay them?

It seemed inevitable based on her behavior that Shelly was going to stab Jeff and/or Jordan in the back.  Indeed she did.  She rationalized it by saying it was for her family, but maybe that's why they're getting death threats?

Shelly Moore Played Both Sides Of The House

Why are fans so angry at Shelly Moore?  She played both sides of the house lying, scheming and stirring up trouble while pretending to be the salt of the earth, the straight shooter who swore that she would never swear on anything.

But she broke that promise.  She also sent Jeff to the jury house with her vote against him.  After all that Jordan and Jeff did for her.

If Shelly had honored her alliance and voted for Jeff he would still be with Jordan in the house.  In essence Shelly made sure Jeff and Jordan would be separated.

Ironically Shelly has not won a single contest in the BB house.  Not a Head of Household, a Veto competition or even a Have/Have Not contest.  Her strategy has been to lie, cheat, steal, back stab and act holier than thou.

Rachel Reilly Has Been Elevated To BB Sainthood

Although I had mixed feelings about BB House guest Rachel Reilly, after seeing how badly Shelly treated her, I have become a fan of Rachel's as a result.  In fact if Rachel ever came to Dallas and needed a place to stay, I would welcome her into my home.  And I don't even let family stay with me.   Heck, I'd even offer to send Rachel hair extensions if she needed them.

Rachel is standing strong in her alliance to Jordan and is helping Jordan be in the house without Jeff.    Rachel comforted a sobbing Jordan when she discovered that Shelly Moore had been the vote to evict Jeff.  Jordan learned the hard way that Shelly was playing her for a fool and was a liar.

If Shelly wins anything on Big Brother I will be furious.  Even my guy who doesn't watch Big Brother was upset when he heard Jeff was evicted.  He said "I don't even watch the show and I'm upset Jeff didn't get to stay."  That says a lot right there.

America Loves Jeff And Jordan

Yes CBS, America loves Jeff and Jordan.

If Shelly Moore gets evicted this week all of my friends have agreed to drink champagne to celebrate and honor Jeff and Jordan.  Hopefully that will be the last we ever have to see of her again.  If there is any way CBS and Big Brother can make an exception and keep her out of the jury house that would be even better.

Am I being harsh?  Just talk to any other Jeff and Jordan fans and I am probably understating the feelings America has for these two Big Brother beloved favorites.

Meanwhile there's still hope for Big Brother to end on a high note.  Jordan and Rachel are still in the house as of this blog.

Although I am not a fan of wimpy Porsche Briggs I have gained a new respect for Kalia Booker who appears to be trying to be strategic even though she's gunning for Rachel and Jordan.  Even Adam has acted with more class than Shelly Moore.

Although Big Brother may be just a game, it's possible to play with class, elegance and a strong moral code.  Many past winners have demonstrated this.  Shelly Moore has demonstrated how to not play the game.

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