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Would You Drive Off Cliff For Sake Of Beautiful Straight Hair

Would You Drive Off Cliff For Sake Of Beautiful Straight Hair

Truck Off Cliff From 101 Ways To Leave A Game Show

Hopefully no one would ever seriously consider driving off a cliff if they thought it would guarantee that they would have beautiful straight hair.  Sometimes I seriously wonder.

If the right celebrity or the highest profile magazines promoted driving off a cliff and promised it would give you beautiful straight hair, a new Porsche in your driveway, a hot reality TV star boyfriend or becoming instant BFFs with The Kardashians there might be a line forming at the designated cliff.

Of course it wouldn't be just any cliff if it was being promoted by celebrities and fashion, beauty and hair magazines.  It would have to be the right cliff that was celebrity and media approved.

And yes, you would need the right vehicle for driving off the cliff.  No doubt there.

Okay, I'm being very sarcastic, but after discovering that ABC's reality TV show - 101 Ways To Leave A Game Show - had eager participants willing to be strapped to the wings of a biplane, run over by a monster truck or launched off a 350 foot cliff in the back of a pickup truck (see image to the side) in order to have a chance at winning $50,000 - I would not be surprised to hear of people driving off a cliff for beautiful straight hair.

Jumping Off Cliff From 101 Ways To Leave A Game Show

Nowadays it seems if a celebrity or a big name media outlet promises some hair or beauty benefits - no matter the risk involved - consumers flock to jump on board regardless of the consequences.

Case in point is the blog I wrote yesterday about the recent recall of Brazilian Blowout hair-straightening products in Australia.

The Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC) discovered the Brazilian Blowout product, which has been heavily touted by celebrities and in the hair, beauty and fashion media as a miracle hair straightening product, as being heavily toxic, allergenic and carcinogenic.

Substantial Scientific Evidence Of Formaldehyde Dangers

ACCC documents revealed that they were concerned because there ''there is a substantial degree of scientific evidence that formaldehyde can be a dangerous substance, can be toxic, allergenic and carcinogenic, and when inhaled can cause headaches, a burning sensation in the throat and difficulty with breathing''.

The ACCC took action against Brazilian Blowout after recalls of seven other hair-straightening products over the last two years.  All of the recalls of Brazilian related straighteners in Australia occurred because of excessive formaldehyde.

Products Promoted As Formaldehyde-Free Were Found To Contain Formaldehyde

Jumping Off Platform - 101 Ways To Leave A Game Show

The latest recall also comes after US politicians (and government agencies in other countries) recently called for better regulation and labeling of such straightening products because of widespread fears that formaldehyde was making people sick.

The ACCC said Brazilian Blowout was advertised and promoted as ''formaldehyde-free'' last year before independent testing revealed it was 10 per cent formaldehyde.

With the help of celebrities, the now recalled product has been heavily marketed worldwide as a straightener that smooths hair and reduces frizz.

As a result of all the celebrity and media promotions hair consumers have been flocking to salons and other beauty outlets to receive the toxic straightening treatments on their tresses.

Toxic Hair And Beauty Products

This brings up an interesting questions.  Why does the media and hair professionals blindly promote hair and beauty products which might be toxic in any way, shape or form to their readers and customers?  I could come up with my own hypothesis to answer this question, but that would be too long to discuss here.

Even more importantly, why do hair and beauty consumers allow those same products to be applied to their hair, inhaled into their lungs and potentially impact their long term health?  Because celebrities and the media tells them to?

101 Ways To Leave A Game Show

Well if you can answer those questions than maybe you can also explain why reality TV contestants are willing to be shot off 350-foot cliffs in flaming cars or launched high into the air off of an exploding mining cart.

At least if they survive, they have a chance at winning $50,000.  That makes it worth the risk, at least to them.

When you risk your health in the name of beautiful straight hair you actually fork out money for the treatment as well as potentially continuing to pay throughout the rest of your life any toxic damage caused from the chemicals applied to your scalp, hair or body.

It certainly should give everyone pause for thought.


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