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Snooki Is A Hair Accessory Goddess

Introduction - Snooki Is A Hair Accessory Goddess

Nicole "Snooki" Polizzi is famous for her sass, love of outrageous style and her status as a hair accessory goddess.

Recently Snooki decided to dump her famous fuller figure and go for a more streamlined version.  The 4 foot 9 inch star has had some big wins in her weight loss war and is now wearing a size 4.

She's not finished though.  She plans to continue working out and losing weight until she can "get to where I was when I was a cheerleader in high school."

The 23 year old Jersey Shore cutie loves fashions and triggered a hair bump craze when she first hit the reality TV scene.  Although Snookie has long dropped her hair bump, she still rocks long lush extensions and works hair to be a hair accessory goddess.

The beauty knows how to accessorize with a wide range of hair accessories which have earned her the reputation as a hair accessory goddess.

She loves headbands which are co-ordinated with her dress, shoes, belt and earrings.  Snooki alternates between big wide statement headbands and skinny headbands.  She also sometimes wears hair clips and barrettes.

Snookie With Hair Flower Accessory Snookie With Hair Flower Accessory

Hair Accessory Goddess With Hair Flowers

Snooki also love to adorn her hair with an array of hair flowers in all sizes, shapes and colors.  She wears  hair flowers on either side of her hair and often combines them with bold earrings.

Animal Print Silk Charmeuse Style Headband

In the August 22nd (2011) issue of Us Weekly Snookie posed in a short form fitting animal print low-cut dress with matching wide silk charmeuse style headband.   The dress showed off her hot new body and the headband worked in harmony with the rest of her outfit.

The headband was stunning against her long lush raven black hair which was parted perfectly to create a sassy oval shape.  The headband directed attention towards Snooki's tanned skin, beautiful eyes and perfectly made-up lips.

Leave it to Snooki to find the absolute perfect hair accessory to top off a stunning look.

It's not surprising that Snooki is a hair accessory goddess.  Afterall, she's famous for her hair styles and creative use of hair accessories.

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