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Snooki Deserves A Great Stylist - Even If Rachel Zoe Said No

The Hollywood Reporter recently published an amazing piece about how celebrity stylist Rachel Zoe became the most powerful stylist in Hollywood.

When discussing Rachel Zoe Inc's (RZI) bread and butter, it was revealed that "styling celebrities and a few private clients" remains the primary moneymaker.

Zoe revealed "Sometimes princesses will fly in for three days from Dubai or Russia or London — that’s always fun."

Although it's apparent from The Hollywood Reporter piece that Zoe is extremely busy, the stylist says "if I was really excited about someone and if it was the right fit" she might take on a new client.

Even though it's not her primary goal to expand her client roster anytime soon, the right person would make it on her short list.

Well except maybe for Snooki,  Jersey Shore's famous cast member.  Zoe made her feelings about Snooki very clear.   “I don’t have time,” coos Zoe, who says she’s never seen an episode of Jersey Shore. “No really, because she’s so out there right now, that’s like a full-time job. It’s nothing against Snooki.”

Yes, Snooki has a very unique style of dress for her hit MTV reality show, but she could easily be a class act.  Watch out Anne Hathaway.

Actually, if anyone could help Snooki look absolutely amazing it would be Zoe.  Maybe she's no longer up for a challenge?  Well hey, Snooki, I'd be glad to style you and definitely for a lot less than Rachel, who charges $10,000 per event.

Don't get me wrong, I think Zoe does an amazing job but I feel bad that she would snub Snooki.  Who wouldn't want to work with Snooki?  She's adorable and could rule the world with the right outfits. Plus she has amazing hair.  Snooki if you're out me.

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