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Ultimate Moisturizing Treatments For Dry Or Sensitive Skin

Ultimate Moisturizing Treatments For Dry Or Sensitive Skin

The heat and humidity of the summer season can be just as dehydrating to your skin as the brutal cold of winter.  Dry skin can be uncomfortable and even frustrating.  Dry skin can result in dry patches on the elbows and knees with flaky skin all over the body.

Overly dry skin can cause the body to feel tight and restricted, similar to the feeling that your skin has when you step out of an overly-chlorinated pool.   When you're outside during summer months the hot, humid sun is constantly beating down, exposing skin to harmful UV rays and evaporating moisture from the skin's cells.

Even taking refuge inside may not help since air conditioners are constantly pumping out low humidity which may cause all of the hydration inside the pores of your skin to dry up.

Dry skin, regardless of the time of year, is caused when the natural layers of oil on our skin are stripped, leaving the surface feeling itchy, flaky or cracking. While this may sometimes be caused by medication or diet, most of the time it's caused by something in the environment.

Using, lotion, especially the right type, with the proper ingredients will definitely help.  One such lotion is Desert Essence Natural Shea Buttery Body Cream.  When you use it with the Desert Essence Exfoliating Shea Butter Body Scrub you have a winning moisturizing treatment.

Desert Essence Natural Shea Butter Body Cream

• Restores moisture and softness to the skin

• Smoothes skin without leaving oily residue

• Quenches dry skin with super hydrating Shea Butter

Nutrient-packed royal jelly and a super rich formula of shea butter, macadamia nut, and cactus extracts deliver the ultimate moisturizing treatment for dry or sensitive skin. With vitamins A, B-complex, C, D, E and 18 essential amino acids to keep skin healthy and strong.

Desert Essence Exfoliating Shea Butter Body Scrub

• Helps eliminate dead surface skin cells

• Softens and renews appearance of skin

• Gentle enough for daily use

Enriched with a restorative blend of 10 natural extracts, including succulent vanilla cactus and prickly pear, this high-performance, foaming exfoliator combines walnut shell powder with shea butter to leave skin ultra soft and smooth.

Other Options For Dry Or Sensitive Skin

Besides using a moisturizing product line such as Desert Essence, consider the following options, especially during the summer months:

1.  Take Cool Showers - Hot water tends to wash off the skin's natural oils which then dry out the skin.  When your skin is robbed of natural oils because of hot showers, then as you go throughout the day, more moisture is lost.

2.  Use Proper Soaps -  Avoid using harsh cleansers which also will strip away the skin's natural oils.  When the oils are stripped away, more moisture will be lost allowing for a cycle of lost moisture which equals dry skin. Look for soaps which are moisturizing and fragrance free.

3.  Blot Rather Than Rubbing Skin - When you use a towel after showering or even drying off hands, pat skin dry rather than rubbing vigorously.  Once you have patted your skin then apply your rich moisturizing lotion in order to lock in moisture.

Utilizing a great lotion like Desert Essence as well as adopting some of the skin care options above can help to keep your skin hydrated and moisturized all year long.  Not just in the summer.

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