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Can You Have Teeth That Are Too White?

Can You Have Teeth That Are Too White?

Master Ceramist, Jason Kim is one of only 40 ordained master ceramists in the world and is the founder of Jason J. Kim Oral Design New York Center in NYC’s Upper East Side.

Throughout his dental career, Jason has worked with all of the world-renown, celebrity cosmetic dentists as his hands have personally fitted the most beautiful set of veneers, “JK Veneers” on the most famous A-list celebrities, business moguls and supermodels around the world.

He is truly the hidden gem in cosmetic dentistry, especially in today’s recession as his custom-made veneers are a luxury item that has yet to be affected by the current economic situation.

Teeth That Are Over The Top White?

In a past interview Dr. Kim confided that some people can actually have teeth which are too white.   Indeed, even so white that they are over the top.  Dr. Kim said that "some of the whitest opaque teeth we see on celebrities actually don’t have enough depth so they look too “white”."

He said, if the celebrities step into a room, their teeth come in first.  Examples of well-known actors with this kind of white opaque teeth include Denzel Washington and Demi Moore. Dr. Kim noted that, some television stars are working in a very bright studio where there is a lot of light so their teeth don’t necessarily look that bad however, as soon as they step into daylight, their teeth look too bright and overdone.

I have to admit I was surprised.  I didn't think you can have teeth that are too white.

People Are Asking For White Teeth Now - Four Bleached Shades

Dr. Kim also explained that "people are always asking for whiter teeth now. In the past, we only had one bleached shade over naturally white teeth. Now, there are four bleached shades. Therefore, it is in the hands of a good ceramist to create even more depth so that the veneers look like the most natural yet beautiful set of teeth."

Dr. Kim doesn't have a signature look per se.  Instead, he said he concentrates on the specific needs of the individual.  He admits that "some ceramist artists have a certain style. With dental ceramic art, you almost need to become a chameleon to adapt to the needs of a particular person’s tooth form and color. It’s hard to have a signature style that would work for everyone. I create according to the needs of the individual."

Life Of Ceramics

I was curious how strong the porcelain is that Dr. Kim uses and how long it will last.  According to Dr. Kim  "modern chemical bonding procedures of ceramic to natural tooth has improved significantly.

Dr. Kim said "the strength of this bonding is stronger than dentine enamel in nature. When ceramic materials are bonded correctly, the tooth vitality increases. With proper bonding and occlusion from the clinician side, porcelain veneers should last 12-15 years."

More About Jason J. Kim

Jason J. Kim, CDT, Master Ceramist, Oral Design Member, Clinical Assistant Professor at New York University College of Dentistry. Mr. Kim is the Founder and President of Oral Design New York Center.

He has written numerous articles and co-authored books on esthetic restoration and team communication for superior results. He is also co-author of Aesthetic Restorative Dentistry: Principles and Practice, a textbook devoted to fundamental and advanced restorative techniques for dental professionals.

He also lectures nationally and internationally on the subject of porcelain fabrication and sequencing modern complex dentistry procedures through teamwork between the clinician and ceramist. Mr. Kim is a member of the International Oral Design Group as well as the American Society for Dental Aesthetics.  Visit Dr. Kim at,or

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