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MADISON, Wis. (March 8, 2011) - It used to be that eating apples was just a great way to strengthen your teeth. Now more cosmetic dentists are using the Apple iPad and other technologies to make visits quicker and easier.

Sixty-three percent of cosmetic dentists say they expect their business to experience at least moderate growth in 2011 and technology is the number one game-changer predicted to help the industry grow, according to a new survey from the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry® (AACD).


New technologies are cutting down patient office time at least 50 percent, increasing patient safety, and making the whole dental process easier and more comfortable, the survey says. In 2011, dentists say there will be increased use of:

iPADS and iPHONES: cosmetic dentists are citing a wide range of uses from charting, displaying x-rays, and managing dental records to improving diagnoses and educating their patients. Multiple new apps are also emerging including an iPhone calculator that's helping cosmetic dentists analyze and plan new smiles for patients.

Dentists are also using smartphone apps to connect with patients - set and confirm appointments, learn about the office staff, request medication refills, and more.

DIGITAL X-RAYS: cosmetic dentists get a clearer picture of problems, such as an abscess or decay that has formed, in a much shorter time than with the older version of x-rays.

COMPUTER-AIDED DENTISTRY (CAD-CAM) is revolutionizing tooth restorations, replacing goop-filled trays with 3D scans that mean no mess and no second appointments. Milling machines then use this 3D date to create perfect ceramic crowns while you wait.


Brushing, flossing and regular care are still key ways for patients to have a younger looking mouth, but more dentists will be adding Botox to their offerings in 2011, the survey says.

"Cosmetic dentists are now using Botox and dermal filler treatments to improve patient smiles and reduce wrinkles in addition to treating problems like temporomandibular joint (TMJ) disorders," said Dr. Christopher Ramsey, accredited member of the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry.

Top Cosmetic Dentistry Procedures in 2011

As if smoking weren't already bad for your health, it's also the number one reason for teeth discoloration, AACD dentists say. Coffee, red wine, and medications also continue to be top offenders. It makes sense then that 77 percent of cosmetic dentists predict professional teeth whitening will be the top office procedure for 2011.

Cosmetic dentists say another major area of growth in 2011 will be dental implants, or replacement of missing or decayed teeth, due to the aging population.

"Tooth decay is a growing concern for older patients who are using more medications which lead to dry mouth," said Dr. Ramsey. "More seniors are turning away from dentures and bridge work for a more comfortable and longer-lasting implant option."

The survey notes other popular procedures include veneers (52%) replacement fillings (45%) and dental bonding (37%).   For a complete listing of AACD cosmetic dentists, go to

About AACD

The American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry® (AACD) is dedicated to advancing excellence in the art and science of cosmetic dentistry and encouraging the highest standards of ethical conduct and responsible patient care.

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