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DIY Home Whitening Tips And Tricks

DIY Home Whitening Tips And Tricks

Almost two years ago I gave up coffee and red wine, but I still can't seem to kick my love of iced tea.  I live in Texas where iced tea is served by the gallon and it's the best tea ever.

Unfortunately, tea can stain teeth.  As a result I'm aways looking for some DIY tips on how to get my teeth as white as possible without shelling out some big bucks for professional whitening.

One popular inexpensive teeth whitening trick is to combine ordinary baking soda with strawberries which combined to form a malic acid which removed surface discoloration.

While this is a very inexpensive way to brighten teeth, dentists warn that if done too often the acid could permanent damage the enamel on your teeth.

At-Home Teeth Whitening Options

Listed below are some of my other favorite tips for at-home teeth whitening:

1.  If you can't give up your favorite coffee, tea, dark soda or wine, be sure to swish water or mouthwash in your mouth for 30 seconds to help rinse away any stain-causing drinks of food.

2.  When possible use a straw.  Although this is not a foolproof way to prevent stains, it will help to minimize them.

3.  Eat chocolate with reason.  Chocolate contains sugar which can be damaging to his teeth, but it also contains good-for-you ingredients which help prevent tooth decay.  Studies have shown that cocoa bean husk has an anti-bacterial effect on the mouth and can fight effectively against plaque and other damaging agents.

4.  Eat omega-3 rich fish like salmon or tuna to help prevent gum disease.  Studies have shown you need just two servings of fish a week to help keep gums and teeth healthy and looking their best.

5.  Have a little cheese with your wine.  The calcium found in cheese  (real cheese not synthetic) creates a film on top of the teeth.  This film will protect teeth from the acid in wine which can stain them.  No wonder wine and cheese is such a popular snack.  It's actually good for your teeth.

6.  An apple a day will help keep bad brushing at bay.  Raw fruits and veggies are loaded with fiber which is a natural abrasive.  Apples, celery, carrots and other crunchy raw fruits and vegetables can help keep teeth clean.  Raw fruits and vegetables produce saliva which helps to remove bacteria and can help whiten your teeth.

7.  My own dentist suggested that I use over-the-counter whitening strips.  He even suggested slapping them on my teeth while I watched TV in the evening or during a blogging session.

8.  Besides the tip on over-the-counter whitening strips my same dentist recommended combining a good mouthwash with my normal brushing routine.  He explained that the mouthwash will help rinse away bacteria which might trigger gum disease.

9.  Crystal encrusted or shiny silver earrings or necklaces can help detract attention away from yellow teeth.  Pop on a pair of shiny dangling earrings or a signature necklace.  Remember to avoid yellow gold which will play up any yellow in your teeth.

10.  Kiss your honey whenever you can.  Studies have shown that when you swap spit the saliva acts as a natural lubricant helping to wash away plague.

11.  A well-known beauty trick is using blue-based red lipstick in rose, red, brugundy, merlot and plum shades.  Use lipstick, stain or gloss which helps make teeth appear whiter and brighter.  Avoid hues with yellow, gold or orange undertones, which can yellow even pearly whites.

12.  Indulge in some whitening gum with stain-removing calprox after meals. If calprox gum is not available, any gum will work because it stimulates saliva flow which acts as a natural detergent.

13.  Follow good brushing practices and talk to your dentist about the best whitening toothpaste.

14.  Some people believe brushing with baking soda alone will help whiten and brighten teeth naturally. Again, beware of using this too often since it may be too abrasive on teeth on a regular basis.

15.  Be sure to floss every day.  Teeth with plaque are more prone to stains because of buildup. When you neglecting to clean between teeth you are at risk for developing gum inflammation, which can increase your risk for heart disease.

Part Stain Remover - Part Lip Gloss

Pout & Polish ( helps solve stain issues. This handy little two-in-one tube is part stain remover, part lip gloss. The tooth whitener end is discreet and easy to use, plus it's clinically proven to reduce stains by 38% after six uses.

And the polish at the other end is subtle, sheer, and completely goop-free.

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