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Additional Summer Skin Protection With Atypical Items

Sunglasses, sunscreen and after-sun moisturizers - three items we rarely forget during the summer.

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However, the increasing threat of the sun's rays due to global warming and other environmental factors now means that we need to take extra steps to protect ourselves.

But this doesn't mean that we still can't do that in style!

This summer, prep, protect and repair your skin with off-beat items that provide extra protection against the sun and those dreaded crow's feet - which are the first wrinkles to appear on a woman's face and caused mainly by sun damage.

Sunglasses aren't enough - Wear a hat

The primary cause for crow's feet is exposure to sunlight. Sunlight ages the skin, and also encourages squinting. To prevent crow's feet, doctors recommend wearing a hat while in the sun along with sunglasses.

Wallaroo Hat Company, known for its fashion-forward, sun protective hats, has a new line of hats for 2009 that keep you covered in style. Most Wallaroo Hats provide UPF 50+ sun protection (the highest rating available) to block 97.5% of the sun's harmful rays.

Sunscreen isn't enough - Use soap with SPF

Sunscreen, even when it's slathered on, is not enough to protect our skin. According to the Skin Cancer Foundation, more than 90 percent of all skin cancers are caused by sun exposure.

Cor Silver Soap not only evens skin tone, cleanses, and maintains moisture, but it contains an added dose of SPF 15 sun protection after each use. It also replenishes collagen. Use Cor before sun exposure and applying sunscreen for added protection against the sun's rays and wrinkles.

Moisturizer isn't enough - Use an eye cream that builds elastin

Hydrating skin after sun exposure is necessary, but sometimes, even when we use SPF and wear a hat, those fine lines are unavoidable. Relastin Eye Silk is the first product clinically proven to increase skin's functional elastin content and improve elasticity around the eyes.

The Eye Silk's patent-pending Zinc Firming Complex works at the cellular level to promote the formation of functional elastin in the skin. In clinical studies, Relastin Eye Silk demonstrated the ability to significantly decrease fine lines and wrinkles, coarse wrinkles, and under eye laxity and puffiness.

Study participants also noticed a decrease in under eye dark circles after four weeks of Eye Silk application.

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