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Secrets To Jennifer Aniston's Stunning Body

Secrets To Jennifer Aniston's Stunning Body

Although Jennifer Aniston is famous for her glam hair, hot men and big paychecks, she is also admired for her stunning body which seems to get only better with age.  Just as Jen has a world famous celebrity hairstylist, Chris McMillan, and famed colorists, she also has trainers for her body.  Jen has been very open about her love of yoga.

One thing you have to admire about Jen is her willingness to share her secrets and the names of her go-to gurus.  In the case of Yoga she has been very open about her work with Mandy Ingber who runs Jen through her yoga workout.

Not only did Jen reveal Mandy's name to the world, she hosted a party with Self Magazine's Editor-in-Chief Lucy Danziger to release Mandy's exercise DVD, Yogalosophy back in 2009.

“Jen’s a big advocate for me,” Mandy told the media that her longtime client is also a great friend.  She said Jen really embodies health and wellness. She’s wholesome, balanced and fresh. She does it all, but in moderation. She’s an icon.”

Since the initial release of Yogalosophy, Mandy's Yogalosophy DVD and workouts have become wildly popular.  And yes, Jennifer continues to follow Mandy's yoga techniques.   The celebrity yoga trainer told the media “The key to having a great body is consistency, finding things you can do on a daily basis.”

So what does Jen do on a daily basis?  The blonde beauty does 30-40 minutes of cardio in one form or another ranging from elliptical, spinning or any version of cardio. Jen changes up her daily cardio to keep it fresh.  Then Jen and Mandy do 30-45 minutes of yoga after the cardio.  Mandy is a big fans of sun salutations which she and Jen do on a very regular basis.  The results are obvious in Jen's arms and shoulders.

(Image of Jennifer with Mandy to the side at the release of the Yogalosophy DVD - All Rights Reserved)

The fitness guru and Jen also do flow yoga with toning exercises from a chair, squats, lunges, pull-ups from a plank and then ab work.  They always do 15 minutes of stretching.

When Mandy was recently asked for some of her recommendations for great exercises for women to add to their routine she suggested Sun Salutes, Crow, Plank, One Arm Balance and Table Top.

If you want to follow Jen's workout exactly you can buy Mandy's DVD which has four 30-minute routines which includes the sun salutes Jen performs.  You can also Twitter from her website.

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