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How To Get A Shaved Head Hairstyle

How To Get A Shaved Head Hairstyle

Although some people might argue that a shaved head is not really a hairstyle, it's certainly a very popular look right now.    In fact, shaved heads are no longer just popular with men, they're also popular with women of all ages and races.

Since the beginning of time men from around the world have been shaving their heads for a wide range of reasons ranging from cultural and religious to pure aesthetics.

Sports stars have also adopted the shaved head in some cases to enhance their athletic performance and even give them a more unique image.

(All images from NBC's The Voice - All Rights Reserved )

Some actors shave their heads as a way to camouflage the reality of their shrinking hairlines and to avoid wearing the dreaded comb over.

Yul Brynner and Telly Savalas were two of the pioneers who helped make a shaved head sexy.  Now it's hard to keep track of all the celebrities with shaved heads who are considered sizzling hot.

However, we think that, more often than not, it was in order to avoid looking like they were balding.  Whereas celebrities used to shave their head to disguise hair loss now men and women are shaving their head because the shaved style has becoming synonymous with sexy, hot, edgy and sharp.  Also, a shaved head can be very easy to maintain.

Why are women embracing the shaved head look?  Of course they all have their own unique reasons.   Besides giving them a unique and notable appearance which helps them stand apart, a shaved head  saves from the need for expensive hair products, treatments or daily styling requirements.

NBC's talent show, The Voice, had more than one woman who rocked a shaved head.  Frenchie Davis and Beverly McClellan (shown above together) were two finalists on Christina Aguilera's team.

As more men and women are feeling more comfortable in their own skin and feel good about themselves, they feel great about shaving their heads.  A shaved head looks amazing on most people.

How To Shave Your Head

The first time men and women shave their heads they visit a barber.  Many states will only license barbers to shave heads and will not let hairstylists do anything more than a clean buzzing with a clippers.

All states vary so when in doubt ask your hairstylist if they can shave your head or not.  There are still great barbers around who will shave the heads of both men and women if you wish.

Of course you can shave your own friend or ask a friend or family member to help you.  Once you have the first shave it's easy to maintain the look.

Step By Step Instructions

If you're going to shave your own head start with the highest-quality razor preferably designed for shaving heads and scalps like the Gillette Atra Plus, Shick Ultrex or the HeadBlade or similar.  All three of the razors mentioned are designed to make scalp shaving easier, worry free and less damaging. There are pros and cons for all three.

Select a razor which seems right for you and your needs.  If you have a shower mirror be sure to use it.  It will help you get a cleaner shave.

Step One

If you have a full head of hair trim it down to 1/4" inch with scissors or a clipper.  Or have your barber shave your head and they will buzz your head first before shaving.

Step Two

Once your hair is trimmed down to 1/4" inches you're ready to begin the shaving process.  Exfoliate and wash your head in order to prevent rashes or infections of any sort.  Do not shave your head if you have obvious rashes, scabs or sores on your head.

Step Three

It's always best to shave in a lukewarm shower.  The warm water will help to relax the scalp to make the shaving process easier.  It'll also help to open your pores as well as softening the hair for a smooth shave.

Keeping your scalp muscles relaxed will help the shaving process.   Keeping your head and skin well-moisturized will also help.

Step Four

Apply shaving cream or similar products to the entire area you are going to shave.  Using the razor take long, smooth strokes and glide it along your scalp without applying pressure.  Be sure to rinse the razor in-between to prevent it from getting clogged with hair.

Step Five

Proceed until your head is cleanly shaved.  If this is your first shave be patient since it will take time to get used to shaving your scalp.  Once you get the hang of it you will get faster each time.


When you are finished shaving your head towel blot your head.   Apply a non-comedogenic cream to moisturize your skin so as to not clog your pores. Recommended products include Aveeno, Neutrogena, Aquaderm and Cetaphil.

There are other recommended products which might work just as well, but to be sure check all the labels.

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