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Kingston Rossdale Blue Mohawk Hairstyle Controversy

Kingston Rossdale Blue Mohawk Hairstyle Controversy

Kingston Rossdale, the five year old son of iconic rockers Gwen Stefani and Gavin Rossdale unveiled a new bright blue mohawk hairstyle courtesy of the Warren Tricomi Salon while out in West Hollywood with his famous family on July 2nd.   Also in tow was his little 2-year-old brother Zuma.

The family went shoe shopping, visited a crafts center and stopped for ice cream.

Controversy Over  New Kingston Rossdale Blue Mohawk

Fan response to Kingston's mohawk was mixed with more people being critical of Gwen and Gavin than those thinking  Kingston's hairstyle was a great idea.

In fact, little Kingston's mohawk was considered controversial with remarks pointing to Gwen and Gavin use Kingston's hair to make them look like cool parents rather than normal parents trying to let their little boy be a little boy.

Can anyone really judge from Kingston's photo what the true story was behind the blue mohawk? 

Maybe Kingston has friends who are rocking the look and he just wanted the same hairstyle.  Angelina Jolie's son Maddox Jolie-Pitt was famous for his mohawk hairstyles back in the day.  Maybe Kingston knows Maddox and wants to copy his hairstyle.

Or maybe Kingston want's to look different when he returns to school in the Fall.  Other possibilities include Gwen and Gavin having a hairstylist at Warren Tricomi who convinced them it would look cute.

Maybe there are other reasons at play.  We know that Gwen loves to add bright color accents to her trademark platinum blonde tresses.  So it's possible Kingston wanted to look like his mom and copy her unique hairstyles.  Of course Gwen is famous for her unique and edgy fashion designs from her own line.  She has been known to dress her boys in an array of edgy and colorful fashions.

Of course there is Willow Smith who made tons of money from her Whip My Hair rendition about her own unique hairstyles.  Maybe Gwen and Gavin are grooming Kingston to grow up to perform with his hair like Willow?

I guess we'll never ever know unless Gwen or Gavin do an interview and spill the beans about Kingston's new blue mohawk.

What do you think?  A great idea for Kingston or so wrong on so many levels?

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