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How To Style Michelle Hurd's Big Curly Hairstyle

How To Style Michelle Hurds Big Curly Hairstyle

Michelle Hurd (born December 21, 1966) plays Colleen Manus on the A&E Network drama The Glades.  She is married to actor Garret Dillahunt.

The character of Colleen is unusual because she wears her hair with her natural curls picked out into big glorious spirals.

Her hair, which is often pulled back off the hairline and worn tightly along the top of her head if framed by a tight headband positioned at the crown.  Her coils and ringlets are allowed to billow from the back of the crown down below her shoulders.  Her hair is highlighted to a baby blonde hue.

Michelle's big beautiful natural curls are a wonderful change from the standard bone straight blown out hairstyles which are a dime a dozen on television.

Maybe Michelle rocks big curls because A&E is a more progressive channel or maybe she just loves her natural texture.  It doesn't really matter why Michelle goes all natural with her curls.  They're gorgeous and spell-binding.

How To Style Michelle's Big Curly Hairstyle

For a soft and very hydrated texture follow the steps below:

1.  Cleanse hair in lukewarm water with products designed to encourage moisture retention.  To encourage soft well-formed curls consider washing with Diluted Shampoo (DS), Low Poo formulas, Conditioner Only (CO) or even water only (WO).

2.  Rinse hair well with lukewarm water and then gently squeeze excess water out of strands.  Apply a rich rinse-out conditioner to hair from the ears down to the ends.  Use fingers or wide tooth comb and gently detangle curls.

3.  Finish with a cool water rinse.

4.  Towel blot hair.

5.  Apply a moisturizing leave-in conditioning styling cocktail to include (but not limited to) leave-in conditioner, defristant, curl defining cream or similar.

6.  Rake conditioning cocktail through strands to distribute well.  Plop hair to help define and encourage natural curl formation.  If plopping is not a desired then separate hair into 2" strands and while still damp, roll around fingers in ringlet formations and pin to the scalp.  Work around entire head.

Note: Optionally you may set hair on straw or similar curling implements.

7.  Allow hair to air dry completely.  Unpin the ringlet formations or unroll straws or similar.

8.  Once hair is unpinned bend over at the waist and gently shake curls to loosen.  If you want a much bigger Jackson Five Afro look then use a hair pick to fluff curls out to desired volume.

If you prefer you can set damp strands in 10-20 three strand braids and sleep on hair overnight.  In the morning if hair is not 100% dry sit under a hood style or bonnet dryer to finish dryer.  Remove braids and pick out curls to desired volume.

9.  Finish the style by applying a shine serum spray to hands and massage well.  Then lightly wipe over the top of the curls to help seal against moisture.


The American actress has an impressive list of acting credits including work on the stage, in films and on television.  If she looks familiar it might be because she played Detective Monique Jeffries on Law & Order:  Special Victims Unit.

She co-starred with Christopher Meloni and Mariska Hargitay for the first season before leaving the series in 2000, but she did appear in the first, seventh and sixteenth episodes of season two, her final appearance being in March 2001.

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