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Hair - Curly Genes

Hair:  Curly Genes

Scientific research on the European hair of 5,000 twins in Australia over a 30-year period demonstrated that 45 percent have straight hair, 40 per cent wavy and 15 per cent naturally curly hair.

As a result, the chance of inheriting curly hair is around 90 per cent.  Obviously the secret to straight or curly hair is in your genes.

Trichohyalin Gene

In essence hair which is curly got that way as part of a curly gene which scientists are currently studying.  Researchers in Australia identified the trichohyalin gene as being mainly responsible for creating curls.

Although it was known to play a role in the development of the hair follicle, Queensland Institute of Medical Research scientists have discovered its role in curliness.

Professor Nick Martin, author of the research, said a variation in the gene determined the straightness or curliness of hair.

Developing A Straightening Pill

Why are scientists studying hair which is curly?  They are trying to develop a straightening pill that can be taken internally.

Since many hair consumers born with the curly genes spend some time in their life straightening their tresses, scientists want to provide a pill which eliminates the need for flat irons.  The damage which hot irons can inflict on curly hair could become a thing of the past.   Professor Martin said 'Potentially we can now develop new treatments to make hair curlier or straighter, rather than treating the hair directly.'

Not only do the scientists hope to develop a pill to make curly hair straighter, they want to be able to alter all types of hair from straight and curly to wavy, kinky, coily or similar.

Curly Hair And DNA

The invention of a pill to make curly hair straighter or straight hair curly will also make it possible to predict whether a baby will be born with straight or curly hair.

This pill may even help police, with DNA found at the scene of the crime indicating how straight, curly or wavy a suspect's locks are.

According to Professor Martin 'We might be able to refine identikit pictures, using DNA to say whether the suspect had straight or curly hair.'

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