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Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen Boho Wavy Hairstyles

Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen are known for their Boho Wavy Hairstyles and iconic fashion styles.  The sisters have been all over the news lately due to turning 25 years old and for their nomination at the recent Council of Fashion Designers of America (CFDA) which is the equivalent of The Oscars for fashion designers.

Although the famous sisters were nominated for their fashion line - The Row - they lost out to Prabal Gurung. They were resplendent in gold and blue.

Even though they didn't win an award for their fashion designs, the media gave them kudos for their hairs which showcased their signature Boho Wavy hair which is short for Bohemian Waves.

Ashley and Mary-Kate Olsen have made Boho Wavy Hairstyles famous and highly sought after.  The twins strive to create different looks to maintain own unique identities and this was the case at the CFDA event.

Ashley Olsen Long Cascading Boho Waves

Ashley Olsen wore her long blonde hair in her iconic Boho Wavy hairstyle cascading off a short center part extending from her hairline to the crown of her head.

On either side of the front part were two shimmering panels of soft hair which tumbled down around her shoulders and fell into loose waves.  The back of her hairstyle featured height throughout the crown area and long loose waves flowing down her back.

Ashley's hair had a beautiful understated luxurious look.  Her baby blonde base was highlighted and lowlighted with complementary white and golden hues to create almost a splash of  Ombre colors.

Mary-Kate Boho Wavy Half Updo Hairstyle

The famous Mary-Kate wore her hair in a similar Boho Wavy style but her hair was pulled into a half up, half down style which was fun, whimsical and very modern.  MK as the famous twin is sometimes called in the media, is often the sister with the edgier twist.  She is famous for her long perpetually tousled hairstyles which have been tagged Bohemian or Boho Chic.

At the recent CFDA awards MK showcased a gold Chanel Haute Couture jacket which gave her a whimsical look.

To avoid her hair diminishing the impact of her stunning jacket, her hair was styled with lots of volume throughout the top.  In fact, from her hairline back to her crown, her tresses were lightly finger combed to create a fun and fresh top.  The sides of her hair were pulled up from around her face and pulled into a classic half up/half down twisted bun.

Part of her long blonde tresses were allowed to cascade into barely there Boho Waves while the top of her hair was pinned to give her hair a fabulous edginess.

Boho Wavy Hairstyle Secrets

Although Ashley and Mary-Kate's Boho Wavy Hairstyles looks easy, right-out-of-bed effortless, their fabulous hairstyles actually require the use of expertly applied styling products and the right base haircut.

Ashley and Mary-Kate both are blessed with naturally wavy hair which makes Boho Waves easier to accomplish that hair which is bone straight.  Hair which is either naturally curly, wavy or textured can achieve the Boho Wavy Hairstyles with more ease then those with texture free strands.

Transforming Naturally Textured Hair Into Loose Waves

When styled properly Boho Wavy Hairstyle transform natural textured hair or tight curls into messy, loose waves with a hint of structure.   Boho Wavy Hairstyles usually require the use of products to block frizz and add shine as well as texture defining mousse or creams.

Hair is often dried using a long finger diffuser (if hair is naturally curly or wavy) or with a round brush (if hair is straight).  Curling irons or hot curlers are used to define well-placed waves and the hair is often arranged by means of finger picking to maintain the structure and design of the finished waves.

Once created on the proper texture, Boho Wavy Hairstyles look chic and sexy and can be worn at the office or at special occasions, such as weddings or prom.

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