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Bachelorette Ashley Hebert Rebooted Image By Going Brunette

New Bachelorette Ashley Hebert has bounced back from being dumped by Bachelor Brad Womack with her own reality show and 25 men vying for her attention.

One of the first things Ashley did after being eliminated in the finals of The Bachelor was to reboot her image with a hair makeover.

Debunking the theory that blondes have more fun, Ashley changed her hair to a rich milk chocolate kissed with hints of highlights interwoven throughout the interior and perimeter to give her tresses lots of sensuous fullness and movement.  She also altered the look of her face, eyes and chin by adding a soft side-swept fringe to her hairstyle.

During her whirlwind of interviews she told the media she's over Brad and she stressed the fact that during her season with Brad there was "a misconception that I'm insecure" which is not the real Ashley.

The brainiac who graduated summa cum laude from the University of Maine with a BS in biology is due to graduate from the University of Pennsyvania School of Dental Medicine with a 3.96 GPA.

Ashley told People magazine "I am so secure and confident.  A lot of what happened between Brad and me brought out some weird side of me that doesn't define who I am."

She told that some of "the best guys [the show] has ever had" are featured this season, adding that her suitors include "a variety of men, different personalities, different jobs. Physically, they were gorgeous! ... I'm happy with the way things turned out for me."

Other Advantages Of Going From Blonde To Brunette

Since Ashley gets to travel to several exotic locales like Hong Kong, Taiwan, Las Vegas and Fiji Islands for The Bachelorette, going brunette has additional advantages.

Although The Bachelorette travels with her own make-up and hair team, with the darker hue there will be less pressure to deal with root regrowth.  By going brunette Ashley, effectively distances herself from her previous blonde Bachelorette persona give her a fresh new start.

Tips For Going From Blonde To Brunette

If you're thinking of going from blonde to brunette consider the following tips:

1.  Going dark after being blonde can require some adjustments.  If you decide to take the plunge be ready to make a commitment to your new hair hue.

2.  Once you transition from blonde to brunette it's not easy to reverse the process overnight.  Therefore once you go darker, embrace the change and change your mindset.  It may take a little time getting used to the new color so be patient.

3.  If you decide to go darker do it only for yourself.  While some of your friends and family may love it, not everyone may.  The options of others should never impact your hair color decisions.

4. Going darker generally makes hair look healthier and shinier because it reflects light better.

5.  When you adjust your hair color to a significantly lighter or darker hue be prepared to change your make-up and adjust your wardrobe accordingly.

6.  Before going darker make sure it will be complementary with your skin and eye tones.  Dark hair can add a refreshing and beautiful youthfulness.  This is not true for everyone which means it's important to have the right skin and eye tone which can work well with the darker hue.

7.  Always work with a professional hair colorist when you undertake a dramatic hair color change since they can adjust the color to make it work best for you.

8.  Do your homework to make sure that you know how to treat your newly colored hair at home.  Only cleanse in lukewarm water and use products designed to moisturize, condition and care for colored hair.  Only wash as often as needed and investigate other cleansing options such as Conditioner Only (CO) as well as minimizing use of heat which can accelerate hair color fading.

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