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Thieves Target Hair Salons And Supply Stores For Hair Extensions

The Atlanta Journal Constitution reported that thieves rammed a car through the front door of a Clayton County beauty supply store early Thursday, making off with an estimated $10,000 in hair extensions.

Sadly this is not a new development in the world of hair extensions.  Recently the New York Times reported that thieves are now targeting hair extensions and have recently stolen $150,000 in human hair from a Houston salon, $90,000 in extensions from a beauty supply store in Chicago and $85,000 in hair from a store in Missouri City, Texas.

Other cities reporting similar thefts include San Diego, San Leandro, Calif., and Dearborn, Michigan.

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Crime experts expect that there have been many other similar thefts around the US but that many may be of small enough amounts of loss as to not be reported to the police.

According to the Atlanta Journal the theft at the Beauty Emporium beauty supply store in the 5600 block of Riverdale Road happened around 3:00 am when thieves rammed the front of the store with a car then went in and stole all of the expensive hair.

The robbers who obviously were prepared for the heist were wearing gloves and masks.  It is estimated that there were four or five robbers who pulled off the robbery and that it happened very quickly.

“It’s bad,” the owner said. “About a month ago, they tried to break through our back door, but they couldn’t get it open.”   The Beauty Emporium owner said the burglary is one of many in recent months at area beauty supply stores.  “The thieves are targeting beauty supplies,” he said. “They’re going after the expensive hair. It’s been happening to a lot of beauty supply [stores].”

Indeed, it seems to be the hottest news in human hair extensions.  Unfortunately it also poses a major danger for beauty supply and large hair salons that specialize in high priced hair extensions since the hair thieves appear to be well educated in exactly what to steal.

Hair extensions robbers may also carry guns and could kill if anyone attempts to stop them from getting the hair extensions they seek.  The New York Times reported that once the hair is stolen it is being sold in a variety of ways through the underground.  Some thieves are actually selling stolen hair out of the trunks of their cars or on street corners much like other stolen goods such as garments, handbags and expensive shoes.

The news media is trying to put the word out on this new hair crime to warn any beauty supply or salon owners to be careful if they stock expensive hair in their establishment.

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