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Josh Duhamel's Surprise Wedding Anniverary Trip For Fergie

Movie star Josh Duhamel was on Ellen recently to promote his new film Transformers and to chat about his start on "All My Children, his romantic anniversary getaway with Fergie, 36, and their desire to have kids in the future.  Josh told Ellen that having kids with pop star Fergie (Black Eyed Peas), his wife of two years, is something he has "always wanted."

The hunky actor went on to say, “I used to want five or six but you know, it's probably not realistic anymore. Plus, I’m probably a little more selfish than I thought I was, so I think two is good. I think two is a good number. You can give them the right amount of attention, but whatever. We’re both from Catholic families, they like to procreate!”

Ellen then asked, “So you may have like six or seven… you’d ignore the other five or something?”  Josh laughed, “I would pick out my two favorites and ignore the other ones."

Ellen noted that Josh and Fergie would make some really "cute babies" and I'm sure they would.

Surprise Second Wedding Anniversary Trip

Josh told Ellen he surprised his wife who he noted is "very regimented.  She likes to have everything scheduled out."

The actor told Ellen he told Fergie to just be ready and his wife had no idea what they were doing or where they were going.  Josh explained he took Fergie to the airport, had all her luggage packed and then took her to a very romantic resort in La Paz, Mexico.  Josh told Ellen that Fergie thought it was "the most romantic thing" he ever did.

Unfortunately a few hours after they arrived Fergie "was vomiting" all over because she got Montezuma's Revenge.  Luckily her illness only last about "a day and a half."  Josh noted they had some really great days other than the short time they were vomiting.

Josh Duhamel's Great Legs

The last time Josh was on the Ellen show she convinced him to wear teeny tiny little red running shorts to promote a charity event to raise money for Japan.

When Ellen showed a photo of Josh in his little shorts he told her "you've talked me into doing a couple of things like that Ellen, and as much fun as it is in the moment, you don't understand the repercussions afterwords.  I have to hear from my friends, my family, all the people I work with.  They make fun of me."   Ellen seemed disappointed because she noted Josh has great legs.

All My Children

Ellen showed a clip from Josh on his first day on the soap "All My Children" where he had a scene with blonde actress Elizabeth Banks who played Rosalie.

It was fun watching Josh so many years ago.  The actor admitted he was sad that "All My Children" was going off the air since he is still in touch with many of the people on that show.

Josh Rips Off His Clothes

Of course Ellen couldn't resist getting more of Josh's clothes off.  The actor did an archery exhibition, but first he ripped off his jacket and pants and wore green leggings, tiny small brown shorts and a sleeveless leather vest with a matching archery hat.  It was hilarious and of course Ellen and the audience went crazy over Josh's legs.

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