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Fergie Haircolor How To

Stacy Ann Ferguson (born March 27, 1975) is better known by her stage name Fergie.  Stacy is famous for her career as an American singer, songwriter, rapper and actress.  She's also a fashion designer and hair icon.

The female vocalist for The Black Eyed Peas, a hip hop group, Fergie has showcased hair in every imaginable color, length, texture and style.

She is as famous for her ponytails as she is for her braids, sleek straight strands, curls, waves and dreads.  Fergie has been changing up her hair color and style long before Rihanna or Lady Gaga.

One of my favorite Fergie hair looks was on the August 2009 cover of Marie Claire.  She maintained the stunning brunette hair color showing off a slightly darker hue later in the year at the Grammy Nominations Concert in LA on December 2th. Ironically she picked up six nominations along the way with her Black Eyed Peas band mates.

Famed celebrity hair colorist Tracey Cunningham was behind Fergie's gorgeous hue for the Marie Claire cover and the Grammy Nominations.

For Marie Claire's cover, which was shot in the Summer months, Tracey created a soft lush brunette base shade with subtle warm honey brown highlights interwoven throughout giving her tresses a sensual sun-kissed look

The hip hop singer's highlights and low lights were strategically placed throughout Fergie's hair so that hints of contrasting color peeked through.  The base color along with the highlights and low lights added warmth to Fergie's beautiful face and brought out her eyes.

Tracey Cunningham's Hair Color Formula For Fergie

Tracey told the media “Fergie wanted a soft brunette shade with warm highlights throughout to give that sun-kissed look."  The famed hair colorist used several shades to create movement and dimensionality.

A huge fan of the Redken Shimmer line, she used Shimmer One 4N for Fergie's base which is a natural medium brown.  She applied Shimmer One 4N along with 6N around Fergie's hairline which created a light brown with hints of blonde.

To tone the newly created base color and give it more shine, she finished with an all-over dark natural ash blond glaze, Redken Shine EQ 6N Moroccan Sand.

While the color looked eye popping gorgeous on Fergie, Tracey said "This color would look great on almost anyone,"  In fact, the iconic colorist confessed "It's a very common shade that my clients ask for. But I would say that it looks best on women with olive skin tones and light eyes."

Fergie's Hair Color At The 2009 Grammy Nominations

For her appearance at the Grammy Nominations later in the year, Fergie's base brunette hue was darkened to almost a blue black tone.  Her highlights and low lights were also darkened to work with the richer base.  The rich highlights and low lights peeked out from the beautiful brunette base.

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