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Ann Curry's Hairstyle - Is It A Bob, A Pageboy Or A Shag?

Ann Curry (born November 19, 1956) is an American television news journalist who, starting June 2011, will co-anchor on NBC’s morning television program Today replacing Meredith Vieira.\n

She is currently the news anchor on Today, a role she began in May 1997, and has been host of Dateline NBC since May 2005. Along with Lester Holt, she is the primary substitute for Brian Williams on NBC Nightly News.\n

Is It A Bob, Pageboy Or Shag Hairstyle?\n

Although Ann is famous for her on-screen news journalism, she is also famous for her milk chocolate hairstyle which more often than not fluctuates between a short or medium Bob and a long (below the shoulders) Pageboy.\u00a0 Recently she sported a medium length hairstyle which even had a hint of shag although in traditional terms her cut would most likely be tagged as a Bob.\n

Does Ann Curry have a Bob, a Pageboy or a Shag Hairstyle?\u00a0 The label you apply isn’t important.\u00a0 The key is that Ann’s hairstyle, regardless of the tag, always looks finished, polished and perfect for her on-camera role.\n

Definition Of A Bob Hairstyle\n

A Bob is defined as a short, cheek-grazing haircut.\u00a0 The Bob hairstyle has evolved throughout the years and can be defined in very broad terms.\u00a0 Bobs are extremely versatile and can encompass a range of variations. Definition Of A Pageboy Hairstyle\n

A Pageboy is defined as a haircut which is slightly different from the classic square style of bob.\u00a0 With a Pageboy the hair is worn straight and can extend to the top of the shoulders or slightly below.\n

The Pageboy is considered to the the signature hairstyle of Anna Wintour who is “Vogue” editor-in-chief.\u00a0 Wintour has worn the style for decades which is considered more pageboy than bob depending on the hairstylist you talk to.\n

Ann Curry’s Long Classic Bob\n

Ann has an oval face shape with some squareness throughout her cheeks and a slightly pointed chin.\u00a0 For the most part her face is longer than it is wide which gives her tons of options with regard to the length and texture for her bob.\n

The NBC Today anchor tends to wear her hair without a fringe and a short or barely there part near the center of her face.\u00a0 One side of her silky brunette tresses are tucked behind one ear and the other side is directed up and over the top of her head to create a bit of volume throughout the hairline.\u00a0 Her classic bob hairstyle appears to have discreet layers built throughout the interior of the hairstyle\n

Ann’s layers help bring movement, natural fullness and texture to\u00a0 her locks.\u00a0 Ann’s classic haircut allows her to wear her hair sleek and shiny or more tousled and slightly messy.\n

It’s rare that Ann looks anything but polished and carefully put together but sometimes she will pull her hair all the way towards the back for a small pony.\u00a0 When she steps out on the Red Carpet she sometimes sports a tiny chignon at the nape of her neck.\n

The beauty of Ann’s hairstyle is that the keeps it looking fresh and interesting with a range of styling products.\n

How To Style Ann Curry’s Hairstyle\n

Bob hairstyles are versatile and flattering short haircuts.\u00a0 Following the correct styling tips, you can get your bob haircut looking sleek and stylish — and as good as Ann Curry’s.\n

On hair which has been cleansed in lukewarm according to your desired methodology such as No Poo, Low Poo, Conditioner Only (CO), Diluted Shampoo (DS), Water Only (WO) or similar complete the following steps:\n

1.\u00a0 Apply a rinse-out conditioner appropriate to your hair type from your ears down to your ends.
\n2.\u00a0 Detangle with a hair-friendly comb or your fingers.
\n3.\u00a0 Finish with a cool\/cold water rinse.
\n4.\u00a0 Towel blot to remove excess moisture.
\n5.\u00a0 Apply desired styling cocktail making sure to address frizz and volume needs.\u00a0 Apply a defrisant and\/or a volume enhancing spray along the roots to add fullness.
\n6.\u00a0 Separate hair into 6-8 equal sections (fringe section is optional) and work on one section at a time. If you prefer to add a fringe to this hairstyle then separate it out and style it first to your desired texture.\u00a0 Once the fringe is finished use a paddle style brush and a blow dryer to blow hair dry.\u00a0 Be sure to lift each section and direct air flow from the ends to the roots to encourage root lift and volume.\u00a0 Complete these steps on each of the individual sections.
\n7.\u00a0 Once all sections have been dried completely use a 1 1\/2″ flat iron to give hair sleekness and shine.
\n8.\u00a0 Spritz each of the original hair sections with a heat protection spray and then go over the section with a flat iron using a heat resistent comb to go through each section as your hot iron.
9.\u00a0 For an edgier look apply a pea sized piece of hair wax into the palms of your hands and allow to heat up.\u00a0 Massage well into the palms of your hair and then apply to just the ends of the newly created ironed bob.
\n10.\u00a0 Run the hot iron over the wax along the edges to kick up the perimeter of the hairstyle.\n

Twist hair around your fingers to give that tasseled, sexy modern feel. Finish off with firm hold hairspray.\n

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