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Ginnifer Goodwin's Hard Edged Short Chop Hairstyle

The always adorable Ginnifer Goodwin, 32, was on NBC's Today Show on Saturday chatting about her new film "Something Borrowed" with Kate Hudson.

The actress showcased her iconic short choppy hairstyle which combines a hard edge around the perimeter and a soft fluffy heavily layered exterior.

Ginnifer's dark brunette tresses are highlighted with small ribbons of soft caramel.  The top of her short choppy crop extends from a deep side part and is brushed over to one side creating lots of lush volume which lays in lots of layers over a side-swept fringe.

Although Ginnifer admits to wearing wigs for her acting roles, her short chop keeps getting shorter and choppier.

Big Love Questions

Before talking about the movie Lester Holt told Ginnifer "I have to get through my Big Love questions.  It's over."  Ginnifer agreed "It's over.  I'm devastated, to be honest."  Lester agreed "as a viewer I was too."  Ginnifer "good, I mean it's not good that you were devastated but I loved that job more than anything so I'm happy you enjoyed it."

Lester "and it was fun watching over the years and watching your character grow.  Was it fun to grow that character?"   Ginnifer "It really was.  I always thought I had creative ADD and I needed to be in movies so I could jump from character to character but after being on "Big Love" I'm sold on television.  I got to dig my elbows in and really change with her.  Yeah."

Lester "but you haven't given up on movies" you've got this new movie "Something Borrowed".  Were you familiar with the story?"  Ginnifer "I wasn't.  But I read the script.  Could not put the script down.  Went to eh bookstore.  Bought the book.  Could not put the book down."

Ginnifer plays the character of Rachel who sleeps with her best friend's finance.  Ginnifer said "in about the 3rd minute of the movie."  She admitted she took the role because she was "inspired to make the character more sympathetic."  Afterall, a character who is sleeping with her best friend's guy is often the villain of the piece.

Ginnifer pointed out that "not only did she sleep with her best friend's fiance in the first 3 minutes of the movie but she lies about it for the subsequent two hours of the movie.  I really was excited about trying to make her likeable." The actress hopes that people talk about these characters after they see the movie because "it's not your typical RomCom in that way." She explained "it's very messy, it raises a lot of consequences, a lot of questions."

Always the sweetheart Ginnifer said playing her role with John Krasinki (The Office) and Kate Hudson was "divine.  I feel that I wasted millions of the studio's money on film."  Why?  Ginnifer said "because I laughed so hard at what they were doing."  She did say that filming the movie was more difficult because you're filming "this underlying layer of drama" with comedy on top of it.  However, she noted "John and Kate are master of this genre (comedy).  They're artists and they made it so fun."

What's next for the short hair brunette actress?  She said she "shot a TV pilot (in Vancouver) and she's waiting to hear if it got picked up.  Careerwise she's auditioning and open to anything."

Ginnifer who was recently in the South during the bad storms confessed she "actually spent four birthdays in a row in her grandparent's basement because of tornadoes" when she was growing up.

The perky actress said that when she was working on "Big Love" her entire life in LA was that show.  She told Us Weekly it took "seven years to make five seasons."  Also, the show for Ginnifer was "like a safety blanket."

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