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Steve Martin Showcases Snowy White Hair While Talking Twitter And New CD

Ellen told Steve Martin when he visited her talk show recently "Steve, I love the way you dress."  Steve said "that's part of my philosophy as the face gets worse the clothes have to get better."  Ellen laughed "to draw attention down?"  Steve was making a joke about his advancing age.

The comedian and musician who was on Ellen's show admitted he stopped by because he wanted to promote his new CD.  Steven, born August 14, 1945, was his hilarious self discussing "The Rare Bird Alert", the name of the CD which was recorded by Steve Martin & The Steep Canyon Rangers.

Steve said "I was just thinking in any profession in the world if you're a success at it you get to dress well and act dignified, but if you're a success in comedy you always wind up wearing a funny hat."  Steve was referring to the fact that Ellen had him sitting backstage with Star Jones wearing a big funny hat which the cameras showed to the audience and all the viewers.

Ellen asked Steve if he was an athletic person.  He said "somewhat I would say I used to be more athletic than I am now.  That's because I'm falling apart."

Steve, who has a beautiful head of snowy white hair which he accents perfectly with his chic black framed glasses, was again teasing about his age.  Unfortunately he didn't discuss or make jokes about his hair which I think looks stunning.When Steve reported that he was falling apart Ellen asked "are you really?  What's happening to you?"

Steve said "you know, you get a little ache here, a little thing there, your foot hurts and that sorta thing."  Ellen said "well it's good to stay active."  Steve "yes it is, I like to hike, I like to bike.  I do all that.  I do all those things.  I lift weights."

Ellen asked if he liked water sports and Steve said "I swim and I can water ski....."  At this point in the interview the crowd went crazy because it was the secret word for the day which meant the audience all won special prizes.

Steve Martin On Twitter

During his interview  Steve also discussed Twitter.  The funnyman told Ellen he upset a few folks when he pretended to tweet while on jury duty the last time he was called to serve.   He confessed he really wasn't on jury duty when he was tweeting, he was only pretending to be.  He said he was at the courthouse when he sent the tweets, just not actually picked for a jury.

Good to know.  Right?

Who turned Steve onto Twitter in the first place?  His good friend Tom Hanks who Steve said uses Twitter to keep in touch with friends, family and fans.

Steve has been using Twitter ever since and Ellen confirmed he's as funny in his tweets as he is in person.  Would you expect him to be anything else but hilarious?

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