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Will Martin Short Win An Emmy For Role On Damages?

Martin Short was recently a guest on Ellen Degeneres' show to talk about his work on TV's Damages which just had its season finale last week.

Looking dapper in a fabulous suit and tie, Martin danced with Ellen when he first appeared on stage.  Martin and Ellen were wearing matching striped socks.

Martin told Ellen "this is the greatest thrill of my career...being here today...second only to that magical evening backstage in the late Bea Arthur's dressing room at the Winter Garden theater where I first became a man."

Needless to say, Martin cracked Ellen and the audience up which they chatted.

Ellen told Martin he looked great and he told her he was "doing Atkins.  Not the diet, the widow."  Then he explained to the audience "it's a routine."

Martin said "I turned sixty years of age.  It's unbelievable."  He told Ellen "I remember turning 24 and being in the shower and writing on the tile in the steam "24" and thinking 'wow, I'm old.'"

Martin also said "it's the fours."  He predicted that at "64 I'll just sit in a room (with a droopy mouth) and sip from a straw."

He cracked "things change.  The only time I don't have to pee is when I'm peeing."  Martin said "no work" explaining how good he looks.  He said when you have plastic surgery "no one says 'who's that 37 year old dude.'  They say 'who's that 60 year old guy who's been in a fire' and then he laughed.

Martin also talked about "this lips thing that women get" but he said he's fascinated that men don't get the lips thing.  Martin said if he gets anything done he'll "get his lips done."  He teased about fishing and having big kissable lips.

Ellen asked how Martin could be "so serious on Damages?"  He said the very first scene on the show "involved a deposition with Lily Tomlin and Glenn Close and I'm thinking 'what's that gonna be like?'  And Glenn was thinking, she said afterwards 'how will I get through this?'"

Martin said "and because Glenn is so good she doesn't have to carry her character onto the set.  So it's a very loose set.  And there was a great deal of laughing.  But I was thrilled, honored to be part of it."  He paused and said "and the advantage of sleeping with Glenn, helped."

Ellen said "you shouldn't say that."  and Martin quipped "well everyone knows."

Ellen laughed and said "well it's pretty much a lock that you'll win an Emmy for this (role on Damages).  I'll predict it now."

Martin said "WOW"  Ellen said "I wish I had one to give you now."  Martin said "thank you" and seemed very pleased at Ellen's praise.

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