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Recovering From Hair Bleach Damage

Lady Gaga recently revealed her beauty regimen to People magazine and on the topic of her locks, the brunette-turned-bleach-blonde said she periodically has to "get a chemical haircut because my blond hair is falling out."

Yes, it's true.  Once of the dangers of bleaching hair on an ongoing basis is excessive dryness, breakage, split ends, hair loss and overall hair damage.  In essence hair becomes fried by too many chemicals. What to do?

If you are a big celebrity like Lady Gaga you can text your fav celebrity hairstylist to help you out.  If you're a mere hair mortal then listed below are some of your hair bleach recovery options.

For more details go to Easy Fixes For Fried Hair:

1.  Step away from the bleach. This is especially true if you are bleaching your entire hair every time you do a touch-up for root regrowth.  Applying bleach to already bleached strands will definitely cause residual damage.  If you can't break your platinum addiction than only bleach darker roots as they appear.

2. Have most damaged sections removed. It may be painful to cut or trim off damaged hair, but in the long run it gives your hair a better chance for full recovery as it grows back in.  Also, there's just not a lot of benefit in doing major repair to hair that is fried beyond salvage.

3.  Cut back on cleansing treatments. Bleached hair is usually dry to extremely dry.  Daily hair washing, especially using hot water and full strength shampoo formulas can strip hair of much needed moisture.  Opt for washing hair ever 2-3 days.

Even better, wash bleached strands only once a week only with lukewarm water (WO) or diluted shampoo (DS), Conditioner Only (CO)  or shampoo designed for bleached, chemically treated or damaged hair.

4.  Condition constantly. The first step with bleached hair is to restore moisture balance to overcome excessive dryness which can result in loss, breakage, splitting and overall damage.

Experiment with applying jojoba oil or products made with similar light oils to hair on an ongoing basis for all-day wear.  Just a little bit goes a long way and dry, damaged hair will act like a sponge when oils are applied. If you prefer just apply a tiny bit to your fingertips and rake through the most damaged areas.

Test all forms of conditioning from pre-shampoo and rinse-out conditioning to deep and post shampoo conditioning.  If bleached hair is exposed to the restore moisture balance be sure to step up the conditioning treatments even more.  When hair is damaged you need to really amp up conditioning treatments.

5.  Air dry when possible. Heat only makes dry, damaged tresses worse.  Whenever possible allow hair to air-dry or opt for a pin curl or wet set to add texture while hair dries.  Abstain from hot irons, rollers and blow dryers as much as  possible.  Keep in mind that heat will only add to the problem when hair is fried or damaged.

6.   Moisturize from the inside out. When the body is dehydrated the scalp and tresses will suffer. Drink plenty of water. No, frozen margaritas don't count. In fact, minimize alcohol and caffeine consumption to allow less stress on your liver which will pay you dividends in healthier hair.

7.  Eat right and take your hair vitamins. When hair is fried it needs all the help it can get. Hair vitamins will strengthen hair and provide much needed nutrients that will allow hair to regain its natural sheen. Eating right is also important for healthy hair.

8.  Keep hair covered. If your hair is damaged from bleaching or similar chemical treatments make sure to keep hair covered as much as possible when out in the sun, wind or environment.  Always use products with SPF protection for your hair and scalp whether your hair is already fried or not.

When all else fails consider doing what a lot of celebrities do.  Have your damaged tresses cut off and have extensions put in.  This is a long standing trick of Paris Hilton who loves to be platinum blond.  Or give your hair a break with gorgeous lace front wigs.

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