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Ariana Grande Has Naturally Curly Hair

Ariana Grande Has Naturally Curly Hair Ariana Grande at Grammys Red Carpet 2020 - YouTube - Wikipedia

Ariana Grande is a multiple award-winning American singer, actress, and judge on The Voice.

She has had a wildly successful singing career including over 10 albums, 52 singles, and 12 promotional singles.

The superstar is also famous for her beauty and iconic sleek ponytail hairstyles.

Hair Extensions Are Covering Ariana's Naturally Curly Hair

Although she's Internationally famous for her sky-high long sleek ponytail, Ariana has dark brown naturally curly hair.

Since her days on TV's Victorious, Ariana has been straightening and coloring her natural curls. 

She has also been rocking her iconic high ponytail. 

Ariana has admitted numerous times over the years that most of her long, straight hair is actually extensions.

Ariana Likes Her Humongous Curly, Curly, Poofy Hair

Ariana Grande Has Naturally Curly Hair Grande at the New York City premiere of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows – Part 2 in 2011 - Joella Marano - Wikipedia

The newest judge on The Talk revealed on The Zach Sang Show in October 2020, that she has been "somewhat publicly defined" by her hair over the years.

That's really not surprising.

She said, “my real hair, which is the humungous, curly, curly poof, is kind of, I don’t know."

Ariana explained, "so few people get to see it, and it’s cute, and it reminds me of me as a kid … it’s who I am privately."

Ariana's Iconic Ponytail

As far as her iconic ponytail?  Ariana said, "I wear my ponytail all the time too, but the curls are definitely something that I don't bring around much."

Even with all the bleaching, dying, straightening, and wearing her hair in extensions and tight ponytails, the Voice judge revealed her hair is still as curly as it was when she was a child. 

To prove her point, she showcased her natural hair on April 7, 2020, on Instagram.

Long-Term Hair Damage

Besides the straightening and high ponytail, Ariana has experienced significant hair damage from her past acting roles.

Ariana Grande Has Naturally Curly Hair THE VOICE -- "Knockout Rounds" Episode 2113 -- Pictured: Ariana Grande -- (Photo by: Greg Gayne/NBC)

Ariana’s character in Victorious and Sam & Cat had bright red locks.

As beautiful and iconic as the red hair was, it really damaged the star's hair.

In order to create the desired red hair Ariana “I had to bleach my hair and dye it red every other week for the first four years of playing Cat."

The superstar confessed that it "completely destroyed my hair."

The Iconic Ponytail As Ariana's Signature Hairstyle?

As of 2021, her hair is back to brown, but she still wears extensions.  Yes, she still wears her signature high pony.

Ariana Grande Has Naturally Curly Hair KELLY CLARKSON PRESENTS: WHEN CHRISTMAS COMES AROUND -- Pictured: Ariana Grande -- (Photo by: Weiss Eubanks/NBC) Wednesday, December 1 on NBC (10-11 p.m. ET)

The former Nickelodeon star shared in a Facebook post back in 2014 that she was "forced to start using extensions because her hair was so damaged from years of coloring it."

That is actually how her iconic high ponytail look started!  The ponytail and extensions were designed to hide the fact that her natural hair is so broken that "it looks absolutely ratchet and absurd when I let it down."

“I tried wigs. They looked RIDICULOUS."

She also confessed that she "tried a weave and literally wanted to rip my scalp off. So as annoying as it is for y’all to have to look at the same hairstyle all the time, it’s all that works for now.”


Ariana Grande was born with naturally curly hair.

Even at five years of age, the superstar had humongous curly, curly, poofy hair.  She actually likes her curly hair and thinks it's cute.

Ariana Grande Has Naturally Curly Hair Ariana Grande Showcased Her Naturally Curly and Wavey Hair on Instagram in 2020.

Unfortunately, during all her years acting on Victorious and Sam & Cat, when she had bright red locks, her natural strands became completely trashed.

For now, she is tethered to hair extensions worn in her iconic high ponytail.

Will she wear her hair naturally curly in the future out in public?

Ariana has taken a great first step to repair her hair damage by going back to her natural hair color to minimize the use of bleach and different hair dyes. 

Unfortunately, the continued use of hair extensions will only make her hair damage persist.

Hair extensions may cause traction alopecia which is a known medical condition.

If Ariana really wants to completely heal her hair, she should continue to avoid hair bleach and dyes.

She should also get her natural hair cut to remove all damage.  Then she should stop wearing any type of hair extension.  That would take her a long way toward natural healthy hair.

Maybe, but for now, she's just making the best of the hair she has.

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