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Katerina Graham Hair Side Knot


Whether you’re floating down the aisle to marry the person of your dreams, walking down a staircase to dazzle your prom date, a sexy side-swept hairstyle that combines lush waves worn captured on the side are a brilliant hair play.\\n\n

Katerina Graham who currently co-stars on the CW’s Vampire Diaries has the perfect tude to show off this edgy up hairstyle.\\n\n

Side parted tresses set the state for a wide range of hair moods ranging from pure romance to sassy sexiness. What’s even more fabulous than the finished hairstyles is the fact that they can be easily created in a matter of minutes either at home or with the help of your favorite hairdresser.\\n\n

The advantages to wearing your hair in a side styled look include:\\n\n

1. The hairstyle works well with a wide range of parts from center, deep side messy or a combo.
\\n 2. The side hair knot complements any style of fringe from side-swept to barely there bangs.
\\n 3. When combined with the proper partings, crown height and forehead fringes the hairstyle can flatter any face shape.
\\n 4. The updo can easily be created at home by yourself or with the help of a friend on either newly washed or day two strands.
5. The hairstyle naturally shows off beautiful accessories and flatters most gowns.
\\n 6. Can be combined with lots of volume along the crown for a combined formal hairstyle.
\\n 7. Depending on texture desired (wavy, curly, straight or combined) this hairstyle can be morphed into a range of mood (romantic, sexy, sassy, sophisticated).
\\n 8. This glam hairstyle style can be created on short strands with the help of a range of clip-in hair extensions or hair pieces (which can be purchased at\\n\n

Even better this style works great with many different types of hair accessories.\\n\n

Step By Step Instructions\\n\n

To copy Katrina Graham’s Hair Side Knot follow the instructions below:\\n\n

1. Cleanse hair with a product designed to address your hair’s special needs. If you color, highlight or chemically treat your hair, select a shampoo that supports these treatments.\\u00a0 If you prefer, use a diluted shampoo formula (DS) or a conditioning only (CO) treatment.\\n\n

Note: For extra volume in the crown or along the top of the hair try PhytoVolume Shampoo. If your hair is naturally slippery, you may wish to let your hair age a few hours after shampooing before attempting this hairstyle.\\n\n

2. Apply the appropriate rinse-out conditioner. Avoid if hair is super thin or fine. Keep in mind that if hair is too soft it will be harder to back-comb.\\n\n

3. Finish with a cool\\\/cold water rinse to close cuticles and encourage natural shine.\\n\n

4. Towel-blot to remove excess water before applying a very light cocktail of leave-in detangler, conditioner or styling products (firm holding mousse or gel depending upon your type and texture of hair).\\n\n

5. For extra volume along the crown and sides, apply a volumizing product or a firm holding or scupting gel.\\n\n

6. Separate hair into 4-6 horizontal sections.\\u00a0 Work on one section at a time and blow-dry tresses straight using a blow dryer with a concentrator attachment.\\n\n

If hair is naturally curly or wavy, apply a straightening balm like Phytodefrisant or similar to damp strands before blow drying. Use a boar’s head style paddle brush and separate hair into individual sections.\\n\n

7.\\u00a0 Once hair is 100% direct hair into a tight ponytail with the base positioned behind one ear.\\u00a0 Use a Blax or other hair friendly elastic to hold hair tightly.\\n\n

8.\\u00a0 Separate ponytail into 8-10 equal sized sections.\\u00a0 Roll each section around a 1 1\\\/2 to 2″ round barrel curling iron.\\u00a0 Release each section after it’s curled and roll around fingers.\\n\n

Position newly formed curls around the base of the pony and pin into place with bobby pins the same color as your hair.\\u00a0 Loop and pin all the curls until the desired side knot is created to your desire.\\n\n

9.\\u00a0 Spray newly created side knot chignon bun with firm holding spray.\\u00a0 Finish with a drop of shine serum massaged into the palms of your hands and swiped over the top of the side knot.\\n\n

10.\\u00a0 Create fringe as desired.\\u00a0 Use a 2″ curling iron to curl fringe slightly under like Katerina’s or flat iron for a different look.\\n\n


Katerina Graham is the gorgeous co-star of CW’s Vampire Diaries.\\u00a0 She loves to experiment with a wide range of hairstyles and has long lush naturally texture hair which provides her with lots of amazing hairstyling options.\\n\n

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