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Betty White's Hairstyle Scoops - Customized Bouffant With Petal Curls

Betty White's Hairstyle Scoops - Customized Bouffant With Petal Curls

Betty White, born January 17, 1922, is considered by many to be a National Treasure.

She is beloved by young and old alike.  A fan driven Facebook campaign won White a hosting job on Saturday Night Light for which she won awards.

Of course she's fabulous in the film "The Proposal" with Sandra Bullock, who she is reportedly close to.

When Bullock went through her shocking divorce, White was one of her confidantes.

Betty White's New NBC Hidden Camera Comedy Show

Now it's been announced that the adorable actress and comedian has just achieved another milestone in her career.  It's been officially announced that NBC has picked up a new hidden-camera comedy show tentatively titled "Betty White's Off Their Rockers".

The series will not only be executive produced by White, but she will also serve as the host for the 12 (at least) half-hour episodes.

NBC believes that White's popularity and young spirit will bring in a whole new audience in every age range.

The new series will follow seven senior citizens who make it their life's goal to play pranks on unsuspecting younger people and catch them totally off guard.

Betty Says I'm Off My Rocker

White said that "people have been telling me I'm 'Off My Rocker' for years - now I can prove it."

"Betty White is a comedic genius who escalates hilarity in any situation," said Paul Telegdy, NBC's EVP Alternative Programming. "Viewers will thoroughly enjoy watching her pull one over on the unsuspecting youth of America."

Perfectly Styled Hair Throughout Her Career

Betty, who has naturally curly tresses which have softened throughout the years  has always had picture perfect strands.

If you look back to the very beginning of her acting career you will be hard pressed to find Betty wearing any type of hairstyle other than her trademark short to medium length hair.

Betty has aged right in front of our ages and she has done it with grace and good humor.   Before Betty's hair turned it's current beautiful snowy white, she was a natural brunette.

Her trademark milk chocolate brown tresses were initially worn with perfectly formed curls framing her beautiful face.  She was always made up beautifully which complemented her hair.

Hollywood Hairstylist Robert Hallowell's Scoops On Betty

I chatted with Hollywood hairstylist Robert Hallowell about Betty's hair.  Although he expressed regret that he's never personally styled Betty's hair, one of his celebrity hair peers has done her hair for years.  As a result Robert had a lot of inside scoop on Betty's tresses since he and his hairstylist partner discuss all their clients for styling inspiration.

First and foremost Robert confirmed that Betty does not wear wigs, except for special occasions like when she appeared as the guest host on Saturday Night Live or like her recent fiery red hair color on "Hot In Cleveland."

Going Fiery Red On "Hot In Cleveland"

Of course White has changed her locks for various characters.  On an episode of Hot In Cleveland on TV Land White's character Elke dyed her hair a flaming red to compete with another women for a love interest.  Of course White wore a wig to simulate her red hair.

On the episode she announced about her new fiery red hair "I wanted something fresh.  "I found a picture in a magazine and gave it to my hairstylist."

"Was it a picture of Elmo?" Joy (Jane Leeves) asked? Don't mess with Elke. "This red hair comes with a temper," Elke answered.  When explaining her decision to go red Elke said "She takes hormone replacement. "I can't compete with someone who's doping."  Of course White wore a wig to simulate her red hair.

Betty's Customized Bouffant With Petal Curls

I asked Robert what label he would put on Betty's iconic hairstyle.  Since he's a Hollywood hairdresser who has literally coiffed hundreds of stars for a dizzying array of shows over the past 25 years who better than Robert to put a label on Betty's lifetime hairstyle.

Robert defined Betty's hair "as a customized bouffant with petal curls".

He said another way of looking at Betty's hair is to "think short page boy with a mini fluff."

Very Fine Natural Curls

Although her hair is "naturally curly, it is very very fine."

Betty has worn the same basic hairstyle throughout her entire acting career and it's become her signature style.

He noted "her hair is always styled by backcombing the entire head of hair and then lightly smoothing the top layers into place.  Curls are then styled around the perimeter of the entire hair style.

From Natural Brunette To Bombshell Blonde And Whitish Beige With Light Gray

He noted she's transitioned from her natural brunette to bombshell blonde when she played the seductive Sue Ann Nivens on "The Mary Tyler Moore Show".

Her bombshell blonde transitioned to a softer honey with white blonde highlights when she appeared as Rose Nylund on "Golden Girls."

Robert described her hair color as "a whitish beige with just a tinge of light gray" sprinkled throughout.  He also noted "her current hair color is a hard color match."

Betty White Is An Angel

I asked Robert to spill the beans.  Is Betty White as warm, sweet and lovable as she seems?"  Robert  said  Betty "she is a wonderful angel.  An icon without a negative bone in her entire body." A total sweetheart.

Robert noted Betty's hair suits her well and perfectly portrays her lovable, warm and funny persona.  No wonder everyone loves Betty White so much.

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