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Brooklyn Decker's Short Choppy Haircut: Celeb Haircolorist Jason Backe Saves The Day

While the news of Brooklyn Decker's big hair chop isn't news to the world, it's new to me.  I have to confess when I heard the news she cut 10 inches off her hair on March 22nd I just didn't want to hear about it.  So I blocked it out.

I had just seen "Just Go With It" and she looked so stunning in the movie with her long buttery blonde locks I couldn't believe she cut all her hair off.  I refused to even look at the photos flooding the news wires.  Nope, I just couldn't bring myself to look at the photos.

Gorgeous In Just Go With It

Even though the critics panned "Just Go With It" I enjoyed it because I'm a huge Adam Sandler fan.   I always go see all of his movies, even if they might suck because I am such a huge fan.   Sandler's "Spanglish" is one of my all time guilty pleasures when I'm feeling down and need a good cry mixed with some great laughs.  I owe him my loyalty for some of the amazing films he's churned out over the years.   Yes, some have sucked but I still plunk my money down.  No matter what.

When I heard Jennifer Aniston, Brooklyn Decker and Nicole Kidman was in "Just Go With It"  I knew the film had to be good.  How could it not be?

Brooklyn's Shocking Big Hair Chop

While I agree the film had some challenges which would rankle the critics, there are still some very funny moments. Nicole is hysterical and Brooklyn Decker looked stunning.  Her long blonde tresses were spectacular. Of course Jennifer Aniston was her typical gorgeous self.

After the shock of Brooklyn's big chop finally sunk in I decided to bite the bullet and look at the photos.  My core belief is that everyone should wear their hair exactly the way they want to without fear of criticism from anyone.  The same is the case with Brooklyn.

While I don't think one haircut, length or style looks good on everyone I do think Brooklyn looked really great with longer hair.  It worked in perfect harmony with her face shape, her long lean body and her supermodel image.  I feel the same way about Giselle and think she is picture perfect in long hair.

Gorgeous Blonde Haircolor By Jason Backe

Although I definitely would never recommend she cut her hair into such a dramatic short bob, I do love her gorgeous blonde highlights which Hollywood Life reported was created by the amazing Jason Backe.   I will confess that her bob was beautifully cut and styled, I just think, in my personal opinion she looks better longer.

I had the great pleasure of chatting with Jason on the phone a few years ago and the man is brilliant with color.    Backe created a "single-process Hollywood starlet yellow-blonde" using L'Oreal Professional INOA ammonia-free hair color and hair lightener."

When Jason saw her big chop, he decided to give her a beachy look with "high-contrast-highlights and low lights."

While I definitely would not have advised Brooklyn to go super short, having Jason Backe create her hair color was a huge plus and makes up for the big chop.

I guess if someone told me I had to cut off my hair but Jason would create the new color it would probably make it worth it because Jason is truly one of the best of the best when it comes to hair color.

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