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How To Hair: Big Bold Bangs

Big, bold and blunt, thin and wispy, long and side-swept - bangs are back  on trend this hair season.

Roy Teeluck, hairdresser to the stars, says, "bangs are a great way to refresh the face and can make you look younger, sexier, and more sophisticated."

Of course there are several variations of bang cut and style which should be customized according to face shape as well as hair type, texture and overall length.

The celebrity hairstylist suggests ease of transition when growing out bangs to longer lengths by having a hairstylist add subtle layers to help ease growing pains.

Taylor Swift's Big Bang Theory

Taylor Swift has naturally curly hair which is not generally compatible with a fringe since ringlets tend to shrink right up.

Best options for a naturally curly haired fringe like Taylors?

1.  Clip-in bangs for special hair events when rest of hair is temporarily straightened.

2.  Long fringe cut so that length extends below chin to allow for actual shrinkage.  Bangs can be worn as long ringlets.

3.  A fringe cut to below eyelash grazing length, but temporarily straightened with balm or cream as well as paddle brush and blow dryer.  When fringe is straight it's best for all hair to be straight or worn up and off the face.

4.  Chemically relaxed or straightened hair with matching fringe.

How To Style Taylor's Bangs

To create picture perfect straight bangs like Taylor's by completing the following steps:

1.  Prep newly cleansed damp strands with quarter size drop of straightening lotion or balm.

2.  Comb through bangs or use fingers to distribute well.

3.  Blow out fringe with a flat brush rather than a round one.

A flat or paddle brush is best for bangs to avoid bang pouf.   Use a large paddle brush to pull strands straight.  As you pull the strands straight mold them against the curve of your scalp.

4.  Once bangs are dry use a small to medium barrel straightening iron on just a few strands at a time.  This encourages a sleek look.

5.  Finish with a drop of shine serum or spray massaged into the palms of your hands and then swiped over the top of the bangs to add high gloss.

For more texture instead of the shine serum apply a little defrisant or similar styling cream into your hands and rake through bangs with fingers to distribute the product evenly.

Lea Michele's & Selena Gomez' Big Bang Theories

Songbirds Lea Michele and Selena Gomez both have raven black tresses which shimmer and shine.  Lea and Selena are both bona fide hair and fashion icons.

Lea and Selena both look stunning with a long eyelash-grazing tousled fringe with longer edges and slightly longer on the sides then the middle.

The beauty of Lea and Selena's fringes is that they can be styled straight down and across the forehead or side-swept.

How To Style

Create picture perfect bangs like Lea's and Selena's by following the same steps as Taylor's above except experiment with a dollop of mousse instead of straightening lotion or balm.  If you prefer you can combine mousse with straightening lotion or balm for a unique finish.

Always finish your fringe styling with a shine serum or cream to prevent frizz and encourage shine.  You can also experiment with a little bit of pomade applied to the fringe to separate the layers for more definition.

Neve Campbell's Big Bang Theories

The lovely Scream 4 co-star shows the versatility of bangs which can be instantly brushed to one side.  Neve's bangs are similar to those worn by Lea and Selena except Neve prefers to wear them side-swept.

How To Style

Follow the same styling steps as listed above for Taylor Swift's bangs.  Since the bangs are styled to the side experiment with a round brush instead of a paddle brush.  Or blow dry the hair straight and then brush to one side.

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