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Amy Ryan Showcased Her Mid-Length Golden Hair On NBC Today Show

Actress Amy Ryan (born November 30, 1969) celebrated St. Patrick's Day by stopping by the NBC "Today" show to chat about her latest movie and her on-screen romance with Michael Scott (Steve Carell) on NBC's "The Office."

The actress has beautiful mid-length golden hair which she wears slightly below her chin with a loose wave around the edges.  She wore her hair cascading from a center part.

I was pleasantly surprised to see Ryan's hair on "Today" because it is very different than her standard issue mid-length straight bob she wears as Holly.  In fact, I was definitely surprised at the transformation from "The Office"

to "Today".  Ryan's hair was shiny and beautifully coiffed.

Ryan plays Holly Flax, the human resources person who has stolen the heart of Michael.   The "Today" show team of Savannah Guthrie, Al Roker and Natalie Morales asked Ryan what was next on "The Office."  Of course the beautiful actress couldn't give anything away other than to say that the next episode was titled "The Proposal" but that even that episode didn't give anything significant away.

Ryan noted the proposal episode was "true Michael Scott and it took the crew two days to clean up."

The Today show team asked Ryan what it was like on set since this is Carell's last season.  She said "it's bittersweet but there's a nice burst with the arrival of Will Ferrell.  Hopefully he'll keep everyone tuned in as well."

Seriously who isn't loving Holly with Michael?  It's a wild, quirky and definitely weird coupling but one you would expect if you are a longtime viewer of the very funny show.  Ryan confessed her characters on-screen romance with Carell is going "very well"

Ryan also plugged her new film "Win Win" which she explained is "a great new movie - I love this movie so much."

She said "it's called "Win Win" about a nice Irish American in New Jersey who are a little down on their financial luck like many people in this country.  But their lives turn around when this runaway teen (Kyle) shows up on their door.  He turns out to be a high school wrestler.  There's wrestling, there's humor, there's drama."

The show hosts mention her character, the mother of the family, is apprehensive about bringing the teen into the family, but ultimately she's the one that allows him to open up.

Ryan said "Exactly, yeah.  It's a nice transition.  We have two young girls at home so there's no way we want this rap scallion, but he's a great kid.  He's am amazing guy, Alex Shaffer (who plays Kyle), who was plucked from out of nowhere.  It was an open call.  He's never acted before, never thought of acting.  He's remarkable in this film."

When talking about Paul Giamotti, who plays the father in the family, Ryan seemed pleased to be working with him and said "he holds his own."

The Today hosts asked if Ryan would be "stealing Michael Scott away" and she teased "I might, I might not."  The actress laughed and said "maybe Will Ferrell will make a play for him.  Who knows?".  Indeed, with The Office anything is possible.

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