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Natural Curls Frizz On Allison Janney On Mr. Sunshine

The delightful actress Allison Janney plays the wild and crazy Crystal on ABC's Mr. Sunshine.

Crystal is Ben's boss.  Of course Ben is played by the fabulous Matthew Perry who is the straight man to Janney's funny lady.

Although Crystal is always beautifully coiffed with sleek and smooth medium-length tresses.  But appearances are deceiving.  Crystal has naturally curly hair which she wears without texture.

It should be noted that Allison Janney also has naturally curly hair which she usually wear off camera in an array of smoothed and straightened hairstyles.

In the most recent episode titled Hostile Workplace her true natural curls rebel and slowly transcend into a huge ball of frizz when the air conditioning at the auditorium, The Sunshine Center, goes kaput.

The name of the episode describes the hostile working environment between Ben and all the people who work for him.  As a result of their hostility towards Ben who insists on calling everyone Steve, the building facilities team drag their feet fixing the broken air conditioning.  In fact, the longer the building has no air conditioning the more frizzy and crazy Crystal's hair becomes.

Crystal first discusses the problems with no air conditioning in the building by telling Ben "oh I don't care about that other than how it's completely murdering my hairdo."  Crystal is looking into the mirror and pulling individual strands of her hair to try and prevent it from frizzing up.

Her goal to prevent the impending frizz is a losing battle which is a minor plot throughout the entire episode.

Frizzy Haired Crystal Suggests Double Date

Meanwhile, in another subplot, Crystal suggests double dating with her "fellow Darius Washington" and co-workers Alice and Alonzo.

After Crystal suggests Alonzo, who is African American, should know her guy, Alice, who is Caucasian becomes offended and wants to nix the double date.

Alice believes Crystal is dating an African American and only wants to double date with Alice and Alonzo because they are a mixed racial couple.

Alonzo initially cuts the "insensitive" Crystal a break believing she's just naive.  When Crystal appears again to discuss having BBQ on the double date, her hair has frizzed to about double it's original size.  It is a head turning change for sure.

Ben concocts a plan to learn everyone at The Sunshine Center's name with a flash card system.  Unfortunately he includes unflattering descriptions.  When the flash cards with the nicknames are discovered by the workers they are not happy with Ben and the air conditioning again goes on the fritz.

Natural Curls Frizz To Art Garfunkle Level

Crystal's tresses again react to the second round of no air conditioning with major curling and frizzing.  She tells Benjamin "because of your ridiculous flash cards scheme it's hot again and I look like Art Garfunkle." She tousles her frizzing hair and tells Ben "we have a real problem that has to be fixes right now."

Meanwhile, based on general comments from Crystal about the double date Alice believes without a doubt that she and Alonzo are just a "token interracial couple" being used to make Crystal feel better about dating an African American.

Finally near the end of the episode Crystal talks to Alonzo and Alice about the double date and her previously medium length hair has frizzed up about her ears and out several inches due to the heat.

Alonzo loses his temper and says "I've had it with your racist stereotyping.  And are you really growing an Afro?  You look like Diana Ross mid-concert in Central Park."  Shocked by his comments Crystal says "Alonzo, my hair is frizzy because it's hot in here."

At that exact moment Crystal's new guy shows up.  He's blonde, blue-eyed and definitely not African American which Alice had previously concluded.  In fact, it turns out that Crystal's new beau was a brother - a fraternity brother - which Crystal vaguely referencing but gave Alice and Alonzo the idea she was being racist.

The reason Crystal wanted to double-date with Alice and Alonzo?  Not because they were bi-racial which they mistakenly thought.  Instead, a naive Crystal thought all of them were in a older woman-younger man combo. A shocked Alice told Crystal she was ten years younger than Alonzo and crazy Crystal replied with "ooofffff, dahhhhh" and a few big eye rolling faces.  It was hilarious.

Natural Curls Visually Frizzy Was Perfect Prop For Subplot

Crystal's natural curls frizzing up into a huge Diana Ross Afro hairstyle during the course of the episode played a major part in the Crystal double date sub-plot with Alonzo and Alice.

The natural curls frizzing before our the audience's eyes was a perfect visual prop and it was very real.  Afterall, natural curls allowed to swelter in a hot building for several hours would most definitely frizz right up. It was an ingenius use of natural curls to underline Allison Janney's brilliant comic twist.

In this case, frizzing curls was a perfect accessory for a hilarious episode of Mr. Sunshine.  Whether you have natural curls or not, check out the episode.

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