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E's Catt Sadler 2011 Pre-Red Carpet Party With Four Predicted Fashion Trends For Oscars

E's Catt Sadler is currently hosting the Countdown To The Red Carpet at the historic Roosevelt Hotel in Hollywood in front of a live audience.  E has a brand new stage at the hotel where Catt is hosting a Countdown for the 2011 Oscars with co-hosts Kris Jenner, Holly Madison and the ever bubbly Russ Matthews.

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Catt looks stunning in a long printed style fitted gown by designer Oday Shaker with a very low cut neckline and long fitted sleeves.  Catt is wearing shoes by Giuseppe Zanotti and earrings by M.C.I and Roseark.

Her signature chocolate brown tresses are coiffed into loose waves and pulled to one side of her face, cascading down around her shoulder.  Her hair is parted down the middle with tons of volume, shine and shimmer.

Four Top Fashion Trends Predicted For 2011 Oscar Red Carpet

Fashion Expert Marcellus Reynolds, provided Catt with a prediction of the four top fashion trends.  The most major trend according to Reynolds is jewel toned gowns, which he said were very big.  He noted that Angelina Jolie and Mila Kunis wore green at the 2011 Golden Globes.

Trend #1 -  Purple, Red, Greens - Jewel Toned Gowns

Marcellus believes tonight's Oscars will have a lot of celebrities wearing greens, reds and purples.  He believes the gown will be very glamorous with ruffles.

Trend #2 - Sparkly Gowns

The second trend is sparkly gowns.  Marcellus pointed out Jennifer Hudson wore a sparkly gown at the recent Grammy Awards.  The fashion expert predicts that there will be a lot of glam and bling, sequins, beads and bangles.  Marcellus is predicting lots of jewelry from Harry Winston and Cartier on the Red Carpet strolling celebs.

Trened #3 - Couture Gowns With Light Details

The third major trend which Marcelles predicted is couture light details like showcased on January Jones in Versace at the Golden Globes.  He said runching will also be popular as will be other detailing such as beautiful backs and sashes.

Trend #4 - Tight Fitting Gowns - Like Second Skins

The fourth major trend will be form fitting gowns because as Marcelles said "Hollywood is looking very slim now."

Other Countdown Events

Other events planned for E's Countdown?  The first ever annual kiddie fashion show with two of Catt Sadler's children, appearances by Kris Jenners daughter - The Kardashian Girls - and a fashion show from the film Burlesque.  As Catt pointed out, The Oscars is the "most glamorous and exciting day in Hollywood.

Holly Madison is also wearing her trademark blonde hair down in gorgeous loose ways.  Kris Jenner is wearing her hair short and shaggy looking but beautiful finished and groomed.  Kris is wearing a gorgeous black gown with cut-out shoulders.

Holly explained that she's very excited about the fact that there will be a live ostrich at the  E Countdown show.  Kris Jenner said she's a little scared of the Ostrich.

Ross said he is most excited about an upcoming hair battle and is very excited about it Ross is excited about everything that could be happening

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