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How To Trim Nose Hair Properly

Both sexes may deal with excessive or obvious nose hair, but in general the problem is more male oriented.   Long hair sprouting from anywhere it's not supposed to, can be off putting to those looking at it.   With that said, there's a proper way to trim hair nose.

Although some might believe it's best to completely remove all nose hair, but that's not correct.  Some hair is essential for filtering out environmental toxins such as dust and dirt.  Without nose hairs, any particles not filtered out may irritate the inside of the nasal cavity or travel to your lungs and cause all kinds of trouble.

The other danger with attempting to remove all existing nose hairs is the danger of injecting sharp blades or similar objects into the nasal cavity.

Aggressive trimming can actually cause little nicks to the tissue inside the nose.  These little nicks can eventually transition into sores or pimples.  In some cases nicked nasal cavities can become  inflamed or infected with bacteria.   Worst case scenario, an infected pimple or sore can develop into an abscess.

The best way to prevent these type of complications is to only trim nose hair what's visible when your head is tilted slightly back.  If you decide to use a motorized rotary style trimmer make sure it has a nick guard built in.

Some additional nose hair trimming rules include the following:

1.  Avoid using sharp scissors or instruments which can nick or damage delicate tissue inside the nose.

2.  If you utilize a nose trimmer, make sure it has a special anti-nick guard.

3.  Make sure any nose trimmer you use has fresh batteries and is pristine clean.

4.  Never inset scissors or trimmers into the nose.  Only trim easily visible hair.

5.  Always refer to the electric trimmer's owner's manual for proper use and cleaning instructions.

6.  If you develop irritation or an abscess inside your nose be sure to consult with a specialist.

7.  Do not ever use a tweezers to pluck nose hair.

8.  Never use a dirty or rusted nose trimmer.

If you have concerns about trimming your own nose hair ask your barber to trim your nose hair for you.  Some barbers specialize in special grooming.

When in doubt, don't.

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