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Karin Herzog's "Choco2 Day & Night Cream" For Tender Nose

Have you heard the popular saying "what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas"?

Unfortunately I am still suffering through the last vestiges of the cold/flu/virus that attacked my dry-as-a-gulch sinuses in Las Vegas and sadly did not stay in Vegas. If only it had.

Most of the machine gun hacking has subsided and I'm starting to feel mostly human. Well except for the runny nose - which - keeps on running.

Even though I've used Puff's Plus by the pallet, all the edges of my nose are fire engine red and hurt like the devil.  I have tried just about everything to soothe it from slathering on Jergens to a wide range of super softening creams.  Nada.  The agony of a tissue brushing back my nose is more troubling then the constant dripping of my nose.  YUCK.

Yesterday I was beside myself with the drippy nose and burning nose skin when I grabbed for Karin Herzog's "Choco2 Day & Night Cream".  The signature black Karin Herzog tube was laying on the edge of my nightstand and in a burning skin moment I squeezed out a good amount and slathered it all over nose.

Yes I looked a little like i had stuck my nose in a bowl of whipped cream but I could care less. I was shocked when the chronic stinging instantly stopped.  WOW.  This stuff is good.  Really good.

Already a fan of the entire line, Karin Herzog's Choco2 has become my new favorite.  If it can instantly soften my irritated nose with a few dabs - imagine what it will do for my skin on a regular basis?  Exactly.

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