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Beautiful Wedding Hair Knotted Updo

Beautiful Wedding Hair Knotted Updo

Popular bridal hairstyles change according to bridal gown fashions, veil or alternate bridal hair accessory trends and general fashions.  Of course celebrity trends do have a hand in influencing the type of wedding hairstyles which are more popular at a give time.

Even though some bridal hairstyles are more popular then other at various times, brides are advised to select a hairstyle for their wedding day which is most flattering to them.  Not everyone will love every kind of hairstyle for either themselves or even on other brides.

Please note that there is no right or wrong bridal hairstyle.  What's right is what the bride loves for herself.

Brides should take into consideration their face shape, hair length, hair textures and the type of gown they are wearing.  They should also consider whether their wedding is casual or traditionally formal.

Although some bridal consultants believe that a classic chignon or updo is the ideal hairstyle selection to show off a strapless, low back or sweetheart neckline on a wedding gown, if the bride does not feel comfortable with her hair up, she should definitely select another wedding style.

It's important to remember that those wedding photos will be around for years to come.  While it's always a good idea to select a bridal hairstyle that works with the gown, the style of the wedding, the current hairstyle trends and the hair accessories, make sure the groom's wishes are considered.

A bride walking down the aisle wants her groom to think she is the most beautiful women on the planet at that moment.  Keep in mind whether your groom loves your hair up, down, straight, with texture or in some other style.  When possible honor his wishes and try to blend them with all other considerations.

Sophia Bush recently had a TV wedding on One Tree Hill.  She combined a strapless fitted gown with a pearl encrusted split headband with a below-the-waist veil attached at the back of her head.  Sophia is famous for wearing her gorgeous milk chocolate tresses in beautiful buns, twists, updos and chignons.  Selecting a sleek ballerina style bun nestled at the back of her head, Sophia looked stunning.

The actress wears her both up and down when she is on and off-screen.  For her TV wedding, she had the perfect hairstyle for her face shape, below-the-shoulders hair and the type of veil and gown she selected.

She was also very fashion forward since ballerina buns and similar chignon updos are popular as a result of the movie Black Swan.  Sophia's hair looked lovely and romantic.

A gorgeous updo like Sophia wore on One Tree Hill is a great example of a stunning wedding hairstyle. It's easy to add a veil or a jeweled tiara, headband or other crystal encrusted hair accessories.

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