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Hailee Steinfeld One Of The Big It Girls In Prada At 2011 SAG Awards

Actress Hailee Steinfeld was the first celebrity that E's Guiliana Rancic interviewed on the Red Carpet at the 2011 SAG Awards.  Wearing her gorgeous chocolate brunette tresses long and lush with a hing of waves throughout, Hailee was wearing a long figure hugging dress with circular stripes.

She looked beautiful and very age appropriate.  I loved that she wore her hair down because it is so gorgeous and healthy.

Guiliana greeted Hailee by saying she was one of the "big It Girls" at the awards tonight.  Hailey reported she was wearing "Prada".  The gown was a combination of pink, orange and chocolate with an array of strips in different widths.

Guiliana said "you kept it young" and Hailee agreed.  Guiliana noted "you didn't come decked out with adult jewelry."  Hailey was wearing an interesting pink ring which picked up the colors in her Prada sleeveless gown.

Hailey's rings looked like a pair of lips circling her finger and she told Guiliana "this is my favorite ring of all time."

Guiliana pointed out that a lot of people say Hailee stole the show in True Grit.  She asked how Hailee how a 15 year old was able to do that.  Hailee said "you know, honestly I have to give most of the credit to the other actors, Joel and Ethan, for encouraging me and helping me the whole way through.  If if weren't for the help of them I wouldn't be here and wouldn't have done as good as I did."

As a result of her success in films Hailee explained that in order to make time for school she is "home schooled" and has been "home schooled for the past 2 1/2 years which is very good because it's flexible with everything."

Does Hailee think she's a young Jodie Foster and everyone says?  Hailee said the actresses whose careers she emulates, "besides Jodie Foster is Natalie Portman, is someone I always looked up to.  Diane Lane, I love.  Jennifer Lawrence I recently got a chance to meet and speak with her and she's so incredible and I just love the fact that they love what they do.  And they bring such joy to their work.  I love that."

Guiliana pointed out that Hailee is a big Gleek (fan of Glee) and proceeded to introduce Hailee to Chord Overstreet of Glee who was standing by.

Guiliana asked Chord if he thought Hailee could be on the popular Fox show and Chord seemed to think she could be.  The blonde actor told Guiliana and Hailee that before he was on Glee he couldn't dance but has learned to do the gliding required to participate in all those Glee dance numbers.

As Guiliana said, she was thrilled that Hailee was her first interview of the evening because Hailee "is such a big star."  And she certainly has a lot of beauty and poise for a 15 year old in the business.

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