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E! Live On Red Carpet At 2011 SAG Awards

Guiliana Rancic looking stunning in a white gown and dripping in ice is in position on the Red Carpet for the arrival of the celebrities at the 2011Screen Actors Guild (SAG)  Awards.   Ross Matthews is also on the Red Carpet with his E! friend "Gigi".  Guiliana said she needs to come up with a nickname for Ross along the lines of RPat as in Robert Pattinson.

The always cheery Ross told Guiliana of all the celebrities expected to show up on the Red Carpet tonight he is most looking forward to seeing Natalie Portman and Betty White?

Why Natalie Portman?  Because the baby bump is the new black and Natalie is one of the hottest contenders to sweep all of the major awards.  She's already nabbed the Golden Globes and is nominated for the Oscar.  If she wins the SAG, which she is expected to do, she will have a grand slam of awards.

Also, Natalie's baby bump is growing by the day and the fashion police is on alert to determine what she will wear.

Meanwhile Guilana, or Gigi, is wearing a strapless flowing gown by Emma Savalle and she's "kinda loving it right now."  She pointed out "I never do white.  I think the last time I wore white was my wedding day."  She was also wearing eye popping shoes "could you die" are Jimmy Choo.  She said "the shoes, I"m going to make love to them later, these shoes are so hot."

Her ice?  She said "my jewelry, check this out, dripping in diamonds, Forever Mark by Forever Mark."  She was wearing gorgeous bracelets and said "look at these bracelets, how insane are they?  Each one is a girl's dream engagement ring and there's tons of them.  And this ring?  Helllooooo."

The SAG Awards are more low key then the Globes or the Oscars but they still show off fashions on the Red Carpet so stay tuned for all the scoops on hairstyles, fashions, jewels and shoes.

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