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Curly Haired Chris Medina Shares Great Voice, Sad Story On American Idol

I must confess my current curiosity with American Idol (AI) is tied to the two new celebrity judges, Steven Tyler and Jennifer Lopez.   Last night (Wednesday) I sat glued to the TV watching AI as they auditioned wannabe contestants in Milwaukee.

Jennifer looked absolutely adorable with her saucy ponytail and adorable outfit.  Steven Tyler was friendly and sweet, even with some of the more horrendous contestants.   If anything, Randy Jackson was much more blunt and Simon-like than Steven.

I was also impressed with Steven and Jennifer's comments.  I watched the AI program with my guy who has been a professional musician since he was a teen.  He knows music, talent, key and pitch.  He agreed with my opinion that Jennifer and Steven were being very fair in their judging of the various Hollywood wannabes.

When curly hair Chris Medina appeared on the program both of us were moved to tears.  At the point when he explained why he was wearing his girl's ring around his neck, we were both glued to the screen for the details.  Not only did the shy Medina share a very tragic story of love and loss, he could actually sing.  I had goosebumps listening to him sing his special song which he sang for his girl.

While some viewers accused Chris of using the tragedy of his true love to exploit his chances, the guy could sing so why would he need to use his sad story to gain a place in the AI show?  While I understand the skeptics, I also heard his voice and it was good.

Good enough to smoke the rest of the contestants?  Only time will tell.

Chris shared with the AI judges the story of his 23-year-old fianceé Juliana Ramos who sustained a traumatic brain injury in a horrible car crash just two months before their planned wedding.  After a long lapse into a coma Juliana has not yet recovered from her massive injuries.  Will she eventually recover?  No one really knows, but Chris has committed to caring for her and told the judges that he was willing to commit to marry her and "what kind of guy would I be if I walked out when she needed me the most?" he explained.

Steven Tyler and Jennifer asked to meet Juliana and both became visibly choked up when Juliana was wheeled into the room and I couldn't stop from crying my eyes out.  It was incredibly sad to see this beautiful young women struggling to communicate.  Steven Tyler gave Juliana a kiss on the forehead and told her "hat's why he sings so good, because he sings to you."  Juliana carried Chris' AI flag in her hands as she was wheeled out of the room.

Whether America will be pulling for Chris or thinking he is using his sad story to win will be an interesting thing to see.  Will the judges cut him some breaks or will they judge him simply on his talents and ability to compete?  Stay tuned.

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