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Justin Bieber's $760 Haircuts Create Media Buzz

One of the news stories currently buzzing on the web is about Justin Bieber's expensive haircuts.  According to various media sources Justin gets  his hair cut twice a month at a rate of around $760 per cut.  According to insiders, that amount is just for the cut without any of the add-on items such as washing, blow drying, styling or coloring.  The Bieb's hairdresser?  Vanessa Price who claims bragging rights for his very first iconic hairstyle introduced in 2009.

Price travels with Justin and coifs his hair for his concerts and other personal appearances.  This is a very common practice.  All major recording and performance artists travel with a hair and make-up team.

Sometimes the hair and make-up are provided by the same person. Depending on how successful or popular the star is, they may have several people who travel with them to cut, blow-dry, color, style and fluff and puff.

While some bloggers are making a big deal out of Justin paying $760 for a cut, this is actually very little compared to what Britney, Madonna, Rhianna and Beyonce pay for their hair cuts.  Many of the big celebrity stylists like Chris McMillan charge literally thousands a day to travel with their celebrity to keep their hair looking chic and photo ready.  Remember when the media went crazy over Aniston's budget for McMillan on one of her film promotional trips to Europe?

My only comment about Justin's monthly haircut bills is that I'm glad to see his hairstyles are changing.  I am really loving his latest hairstyle with the separation throughout the bangs.  It showcases his eyes and gives him a softer more accessible look.  Kudos to Price for her ability to keep The Bieb's bangs looking fresh and celebrity worthy.  His hair looked fantastic at the recent 2011 Golden Globes.

If you think $760 is a lot, imagine what Price's daily rate to travel with Biebs is.  Yep, didn't see that one coming, did you.

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