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George Clooney Won't Ever Marry Again But Will He Dye His Gray Hair Again?

In a recent Piers Morgan Tonight interview 49 year old George Clooney claimed that he is not looking forward to getting married again.  Never mind that he's dating the gorgeous Elisabetta Canalis who is a model and actress.

Although they seem like a perfect couple the actor was married to actress Talia Balsam from 1989 to 1993 and says "I hate to blow your whole news story, but I was married, so I gave it a shot."

(Image of George Clooney and Elisabetta Canalis in 2010 - DC Media - All Rights Reserved)

Dating One Of Most Sought-After Men Since 2009

Canalis, dating Clooney since 2009, has revealed that at times she feels uncomfortable dating one of the most sought-after men in the world. However, she said that Clooney "reassures me all the time. He is very close. I feel more embraced than ever before. The idea of being so loved is overwhelming....George has given color back to my life."

And speaking of Elisabetta's color, if you look at photos of Clooney and Canalis together you might notice how gorgeous their haircolors look together.  Canalis has stunning highlights and lowlights precision blended into her luscious milk chocolate base with light caramel strands around her hairline which plays off her dreamy brown eyes.  Going Gray Gracefully

George Clooney has slowly gone gray with the utmost class and charm.  In fact, Clooney is often cited as inspiration for men who are thinking about going gray gracefully.  I think a bigger question about Clooney and Canalis is whether George will eventually give into pressure to reverse his gray hair back to its original brunette and whether or not Canalis will reveal the name of her obviously talented hair colorist.

(Image of George Clooney with only hints of gray hair in 2000 at the premiere of Warner Brother's "The Perfect Storm" in Westwood, California - DC Media - All Rights Reserved)

Although it seems unlikely that the celebrity couple planned their individual hair colors to blend perfectly together when they appear in photos, stranger things have happened.

Of course if we really want to know more about George and his hair color evolution we should ask Ellen Degeneres.  Afterall, it took her many months and a public campaign but she got him on her show.  Maybe she could give him a call and let us know what he says about his stunning gray strands.

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