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Ten Ways To Have Chic Hairstyles On The Cheap

When money is tight the aesthetically inspired never give up on having chic hairstyles.  Even regular visits to the hairstylist are no longer on the budget there are still many options to have stunning tresses.

It was during World War II when women couldn't afford professional salon visits that home perms, relaxers and hair color kits exploded.  During that time women also drew seams on their bare legs with black eyebrow pencils to simulate seamed stockings and figured out all types of treatments to look glam with little or no cost.

(Hair by Barbara Lhotan - All Rights Reserved)

A Chic Hairstyle On The Cheap

Economic doom and gloom is the mother of hairstyle and beauty invention. Listed below are ten ways to have a chic hairstyle on the cheap:

1.  Shop at flea markets or similar locations for vintage silk scarves.  Wear them as glam hair accessories.  A beautiful scarf wrapped around the hairline or a few inches back and tied in a beautiful bow on one side can make any hairstyle look gorgeous and updated.  Or roll your scarf to form a faux headband.

2.  Combine big sparkly earrings with a sleek pulled back pony, twist or bun.  Earrings instantly draw attention to your tresses giving them an amped up look.  Even if your hair is short, stunning earrings will make any hairstyle look fabulous.

3.  Invest in a hand crafted beret, fedora or similar.  Not only are you supporting the local community and stimulating the economy, you'll showcase your hairstyle in a new light with your edgy head wear.

4.  Buy a few strands of brightly colored hair at the local beauty supply and clip a strand or two of pink, blue or green strands on one side of your hairstyle.  Remember its better to use just a few brightly colored strands to make your hairstyle pop without looking trashy. 

5.  Change up your hair texture.  Whether you have stick straight strands or natural curls and waves, try an old fashioned wet set to alter your finished hair look.  Use old fashioned rag rollers cut from clean recycled flannel sheets or bed clothes.  Either roll damp strands and allow them to air dry overnight or sit under a hood dryer before unwrapping rags.

6.  Stretch root touch-ups by changing up your parts, covering with headbands or hats or dusting with eye shadow or colored mascaras.

7.  Turn up the shine on your strands.  Shiny hair looks well maintained and luxurious.  Substitute pricey deep conditioners for home treatments such as avocado or mayo masks.

8.  Play with inexpensive hair clips such as jaws, claws or similar in the same color as your hair in order to create French Twists or ballerina style buns.  Or go funky and use clips in bright colors as instant accents.

9.  No matter how long your hair, play with two, three or four strand traditional or rope braids along the sides, at the crown or in the back.  Braids instantly dress up any hairstyle.

10.  Adorn strands with Vintage jewels such as brooches bobby pinned into place or old fashion clip back earrings which can be attached to simple headbands as accent embellishments.

Use your imagination and dig through your family's drawers and closets for interesting scarves, jewelry or other items which can be used to create chic looking hairstyles on the cheap.  Have fun, be creative and the good hair times will roll.

(Hair by Barbara Lhotan - All Rights Reserved)

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