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Largest Gathering Of Beloved Miss Americas Presented During 2011 Pageant

The largest gathering of some of the most beloved Miss Americas were presented during the ABC broadcast of the 2011 Miss America Pageant on Saturday, January 15th.  The show was presented by DSW Shoe Warehouse.

Former Miss Americas beginning with Miss America Jean Bartel 1943 through the retiring Miss America 2010, Caressa Cameron, joined together for one memorable evening to celebrate the 90th Anniversary of The Miss America Pageant!

The Miss Americas pictured above are 1943 - Jean Bartel, 1948 - BeBe Shopp, 1953 - Neva Langley, 1955 - Lee Meriwether, 1958 - Marilyn Van Derbur, 1960 - Lynda Mead, 1961 - Nancy Fleming, 1962 - Maria Beale Fletcher, 1963 - Jacquelyn Mayer, 1964 - Donna Axum, 1965 - Vonda Van Dyke, 1966 - Deborah Bryant, 1967 - Jane Jayroe, 1968 - Debra Barnes, 1969 - Judi Ford, 1971 - Phyllis George, 1973 - Terry Meeuwsen, 1974 - Rebecca King, 1975 - Shirley Cothran, 1976 - Tawny Godin, 1977 - Dorothy Benham, 1978 - Susan Perkins, 1979 - Kylene Barker, 1981 - Susan Powell, 1983 - Debra Maffett, 1985 - Sharlene Wells, 1987 - Kellye Cash, 1988 - Kaye Lani Rae Rafko, 1989 - Gretchen Carlson, 1990 - Debbye Turner, 1993 - Leanza Cornett, 1994 - Kimberly Aiken, 1995 - Heather Whitestone, 1996 - Shawntel Smith, 1997 - Tara Holland, 1999 - Nicole Johnson, 2000 - Heather French Henry, 2001 - Angela Perez Baraquio, 2002 - Katie Harman, 2003 - Erika Harold, 2004 - Ericka Dunlap, 2006 - Jennifer Berry, 2007 - Lauren Nelson, 2008 - Kirsten Haglund, 2009 - Katie Stam and 2010 - Caressa Cameron who is pictured in the center wearing a long purple gown and her crown.

These Miss Americas along with Miss America 1957 Marian McKnight and 1972 Laurel Lea Schaefer were all individually announced and introduced on stage during the ABC broadcast live from Planet Hollywood Resort & Casino in Las Vegas.  Each former Miss America had a chance to wave and smile at the crowds and the TV audiences.

Although not all of the Miss Americas appeared from every year, many who did appear were noteworthy including 1971's Phylliss George who presented the crown to the new 2011 Miss America, Miss Nebraska.  Also present was beloved Miss America Lee Meriwether from 1958 who enjoyed a very successful acting career.

The pageant was c0-hosted by ABC's Dancing With The Stars' Brooke Burke and The Bachelor's Chris Harrison.  The pageant returned to major network TV after a number of years being absent.  The show was well-done and fast paced with the winner announced precisely on schedule.

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